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Video marketing with self deprecating humor – brilliant approach

December 7, 2011

Self deprecation

What do internet videos of a teen getting hit in the face with a board or videos of a cat getting stuck to a string on a ceiling fan and swung around the room have in common? They make you laugh. They tap into your inner procrastinator that wants to watch funny cat videos, they tap into your emotions of just wanting to let go for a minute, and most of all, they break up the fast pace or monotony of your busy day. took a humorous approach in the video above that happens to be the video featured on their Facebook Page as seen below:

Pulling off humor is hard to do, and often comes across as odd executives being odd, but if done with a natural comedian in your midst or the small investment of hiring an actor. We bet you won’t forget the video above, it’s hilarious and makes you want to read just so that guy doesn’t feel like such a putz. Humor has been executed well by Dos XX and Old Spice in mainstream media while the Virginia Association of Realtors’ interactive (aka the Realtor from Hell) that was developed many years ago still comes to mind.

If you think you have the chops, humor and self deprecation are great marketing angles as they make you relatable and memorable. Think you will give it a shot?

Lani is the Chief Operating Officer at The American Genius and sister news outlet, The Real Daily, and has been named in the Inman 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders several times, co-authored a book, founded BASHH and Austin Digital Jobs, and is a seasoned business writer and editorialist with a penchant for the irreverent.


  1. No way would I ever do this. Yes, it's funny, but in a Napolean Dynamite "I can't believe how stupid that guy is" type of funny. I have zero desire to even find out what daily thing he wants me to read, because I assume it's probably as dumb as this video.
    Not the way I want to try and brand my business.

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