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ADJ Recruiting Week: HireStarter is hiring on March 30th

As a small boutique search firm with deep roots in Austin, we (HireStarter) pride ourselves on developing long standing relationships and delivering results – for candidates and clients alike. We focus on local small-to-medium sized software companies and specialize in product focused roles including Development, QA, Product Management, Design, and just about everything in between. Whether you are actively searching or just curious about what is going on in the market, or if you are looking to add to your team, please reach out to us – we’d love to speak with you!

Our History and Beginnings in Austin:

Marc Davis, HireStarter’s Founder, started the company when the bubble burst in 2001. Coming from a technical background with a CS Degree from Cornell, Marc moved to Austin to work for Trilogy (the first tech start-up to pull top talent into Austin).

Marc led Trilogy’s College hiring initiatives and when just about every company was laying people off, including Trilogy, many of the Trilogy folks went on to start their own software companies (as many had come from Silicon Valley and just didn’t want to leave!)

Given that so many people in town were losing jobs or in fear of losing jobs, the market was flooded with active candidates. That’s when Marc’s network started turning to him to help weed out the noise and build first class teams for companies that Trilogy alums were starting around town.

Since then, HireStarter has maintained healthy and close relationships with a vast majority of software companies here in town, and most often, our business comes to us. We have deep relationships with many of our clients and candidates that go back almost two decades. Over time, and as those connections have moved from company-to-company, our client list has expanded and our network continues to grow.

What we’re hiring for:

We look forward to “meeting” you this week!

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Katherine – Director Data Analytics, DevOps, and Security Engineer

Iona – Senior Frontend and .Net Developer

Chelsea, Katherine, Iona – You don’t necessarily have to match one of our current reqs. We are all available to chat with you to get a better sense of your skillset and career interests so that when the timing is right, we can present you with opportunities that are a match!

After you select your time, you will be emailed a calendar invitation which will include call infoo use on the date/time of your choosing! ADJ will also email best practices and phone “meet & greet” guides leading up to March 30th!

HireStarter team at Spider House

Let ADJ know if you have any questions – we look forward to a wild week!