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ADJ Recruiting Week: The American Genius is hiring on March 28th

Above is a sample video to give you an idea of what video will look like – you can include any video you like, be it a shiny professional promo of the company culture, or a few of you sitting at a desk on webcam talking about how excited you are for ADJ Recruiting Week. Whatever! It’s your space, pals.

Below, you can include photos of your offices or team, you can add promotional copy to express what you’re hiring for or even what it’s like to work at your company. This first section is meant to attract the candidates before we move on to telling them about open roles you want to meet them about.

What we’re hiring for:

Tell them what you’re hiring for and link to your listings directly. Include encouraging words about looking forward to connecting with them!

We will bring the candidates, you’ll bring the people you would have sent to the offline event. Now, you can use your own tech to execute video meetings.

Reserve a time to talk with the AG team:

You can choose your calendaring app of choice, so long as you provide us with the embed code. Candidates will need to be given instruction (for example, here, we would tell them that if they select a date other than March 28th, their meeting will be voided).

Here’s what it would look like – feel free to click around and try it out, it’s a dummy account:

For this, we set up a separate Gmail account (, a separate Calendly account (using Google credentials), and a separate Zoom account so it wouldn’t conflict with any of our existing calendars or tools. They all tie together nicely in Calendly (for example, when editing the event type, “Zoom” is a “Location” that can be set, and it all integrates then with your GCal).

After a candidate selects their time, if using this setup, it sends them the Zoom information and a calendar invite for them as well. Neato!

NOW REMEMBER: If you have more than one person doing video meetings, it is ideal to run the concurrently since you have one full day – we can embed more than one calendar and encourage folks to grab the first available time. Also, you can separate this out by department if you wish – you’re in control!

Next steps for candidates:

When they sign up with us to participate, they’ll be given a guide for preparing – how to spot what video tools to download, how to not look like a ghoul on camera, how to react if they have to cancel, and so forth.

They’ll also be encouraged to reach out to US with questions so you’re not bombarded with that kind of thing. 😀

Next steps for employers:

If you haven’t reserved your spot, email to get started!

If you have already reserved an employer spot, we’ll need the following via email:

  • Which day you prefer (Lani will have asked you via email)
  • Tell us your preferred tech – calendaring and video apps you already use OR the aforementioned suggestions
  • Embed code for the calendaring app you’ll be using
  • Make sure we have all of the promotional text, video, job listings, photos, and so forth as outlined in the first section of this page. The more the better – if you get stuck, ask the marketing team to weigh in, they’ll have tons of stuff to shovel to you!

From there, we begin promoting ADJ Recruiting Week, including YOUR time as a featured employer!

Holler with any questions – we look forward to a wild week!