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Chelsea is the Managing News Editor and news herder at Her day job involves the hectic world of Austin local news (she's worked in almost all the TV newsrooms), and she takes an interest in journalism's slow collision with new technology. She has a journalism degree from the University of Texas, and has lived in Austin for all the good parts of her life.

Google Launches Buzz — but what is it...

Feb 11, 201017 Comments

Yesterday and today, those who actively used Gmail were greeted with that prompt if they wanted to try Buzz, which proclaimed to organize and give

Can You Digg it? What is Digg and How Does...

Feb 09, 20108 Comments

Social news sites Social news sites haven’t been quite as in the spotlight since Twitter and Facebook seemed to have sucked up more of our

Facebook Overtaking Google in News Views?

Feb 05, 201016 Comments

It’s rare that anyone can successfully shove the big G out of the way, but in the battle of online news eyeballs, another giant is

Adobe Lashes Back for iPad’s Lack of ...

Feb 05, 20108 Comments

The big blue lego of doom Apple’s yet-to-be-released iPad hasn’t been a critics’ darling like the company expected, and now one of the biggest companies

Real Estate Construction Spending Crashed i...

Feb 02, 201012 Comments

Construction spending hits historic lows Construction spending continued the same downward trend it exhibited all of 2009 in December, as real estate, public and private