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The city of Austin has lost their minds wit...

Jul 26, 20163 Comments

Austin does not seem accepting of the “gig” economy, having shut down ridesharing recently. The latest target is Short-Term-Rentals (STRs) like AirBnB or HomeAway.

women in tech working woman

The bias against women in tech [editorial]

Jul 19, 2016No Comments

(OPINION EDITORIAL) Although it should be a no-brainer that women are just as capable as men at doing literally anything, our rampantly sexist society still


Austin vs. Silicon Valley: Why is only one ...

Jul 19, 20162 Comments

(EDITORIAL) The tech downturn has many tech centers afraid, so why don't Austin tech folks talk about it (or even care)?

getting hired

The best piece of career advice my mentor e...

Jul 18, 2016No Comments

(EDITORIAL) The best career advice my mentor ever offered has helped me along my path immensely, and will help you to get that raise or


Why Pokémon Go is such a big freakin’...

Jul 13, 2016No Comments

(EDITORIAL) Let’s face it, Pokémon Go has put the fun back in phone functionality (get it?).


Ask the expert about the diversity challeng...

Jul 12, 2016No Comments

(LIVE VIDEO CHAT) Diversity. Just the word means there's a contentious conversation to be had. But conversation leads to progress. Join us to tackle the


How to find a culture fit when hiring: The ...

Jul 11, 20162 Comments

(EDITORIAL) When hiring, especially if you're a small business owner and not a corporate HR pro, it can be tough to find the right fit.


Why I reject the idea of the #hustle (Edito...

Jul 06, 20165 Comments

(EDITORIAL) Our culture stopped considering running on four hours of sleep as a badge of honor, so how the hell is the "hustle" culture any


I’m a #bossbabe (why “babe” i...

Jul 05, 20161 Comment

(OPINION EDITORIAL NEWS) The #bossbabe movement is taking off, and we're pondering whether or not the use of "babe" is awesome or offensive.

uber austin

Austinites try to fill in for Uber, get imp...

Jun 29, 20162 Comments

After Prop 1 ran Uber out of Austin, the newly-opened ridesharing marketplace gave several startups the opportunity to fill the functional void. Sadly, one is


What I learned about business by rushing th...

Jun 27, 2016No Comments

(EDITORIAL) College teaches you some things that you won’t find in a book but it sure comes at a hefty price.


Will VSCO be able to survive the backlash a...

Jun 27, 20161 Comment

(BUSINESS NEWS) VSCO Cam's rise in popularity has been historically steady, with 30 million users to date, but has recently hit a speed bump with