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growth hack team work

Simple growth hacking ideas from successful startups

Jul 21, 2016No Comments

(ENTREPRENEUR NEWS) Growth hacks – they’re not the end all be all of tech startup success, but they’ve certainly helped give a major boost to many companies that


Pokemon Go City Tours debuts in Aus...

(BUSINESS NEWS) Pokemon Go is bringing people together like

Jul 18, 2016

Netflix wants you to share password...

(BUSINESS NEWS) Headlines manipulated a random quote and sent

Jul 18, 2016
GMO labeling loophole

The dirty GMO labeling loophole all...

(BUSINESS NEWS) A bill supposedly intended to close the

Jul 14, 2016

Tech News


Sharing platform for scientists could change the world

Jul 20, 2016No Comments

(TECH NEWS) Collection of research can be difficult for scientists. Two Harvard students attempt to change the course of communication to help bridge the gap.


The chatbot playbook: What they sho...

(TECH NEWS) With the rise of the chatbot, let's

Jul 19, 2016

Pokémon Go is a hit, but has some ...

(TECH NEWS) We've spoken endlessly about the enthusiasm behind

Jul 18, 2016

Could this be the first successful ...

(TECH NEWS) Now, with the unrelenting popularity of Pokémon

Jul 17, 2016

Social Media


Try this anti-social network if you’re annoyed by social media

Jul 14, 2016No Comments

(SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS) People are tired of the popularity contests that have taken over social media. Ponder describes itself as the only network where there are “no trolls,


Booyah: WhatsApp beats FB...

(SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS) Listen up, marketers: It turns out

Jul 12, 2016

Yahoo chatbots come to Fa...

(SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS) Yahoo recently launched some of the

Jul 11, 2016

Snapchat rolls out “...

(SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS) Snapchat today announced they are selectively

Jul 07, 2016

Business Marketing

VR virtual reality

Why marketers should experiment with virtual reality now, not later

Jul 19, 20161 Comment

(MARKETING NEWS) There's a new immersive medium through which marketers can connect and engage with audiences in ways that are unique and revolutionary. Virtual reality seems futuristic, but


New app puts customer sur...

(BUSINESS MARKETING) If you value customer feedback, check out

Jul 19, 2016

The type of promotional e...

(BUSINESS MARKETING) Emails fly into our inboxes every day,

Jul 18, 2016
remarks interactive podcast

Got a podcast? This tool ...

(MARKETING NEWS) Remarks is looking to add a new

Jul 17, 2016

Your Money


App rounds up credit card purchases, socks away the change for you

Jul 19, 2016No Comments

(FINANCE) If your bank doesn't offer a "round up" app, this startup wants to help. Saving up small amounts is more feasible for many, and is a good

seed round

How raising seed funding ...

(ENTREPRENEUR NEWS) While it used to take weeks or

Jul 12, 2016

TaxBestimates wants to he...

(BUSINESS FINANCE) Did you know that taxpayers overpay by

Jul 12, 2016
working millennial

The woman’s negotia...

(BUSINESS FINANCE) Women in business have it twice as

Jul 07, 2016

Business Editorials

women in tech working woman

The bias against women in tech [editorial]

Jul 19, 2016No Comments

(OPINION EDITORIAL) Although it should be a no-brainer that women are just as capable as men at doing literally anything, our rampantly sexist society still needs science to


Austin vs. Silicon Valley: Why is o...

(EDITORIAL) The tech downturn has many tech centers afraid,

Jul 19, 2016
getting hired

The best piece of career advice my ...

(EDITORIAL) The best career advice my mentor ever offered

Jul 18, 2016

Why Pokémon Go is such a big freak...

(EDITORIAL) Let’s face it, Pokémon Go has put the

Jul 13, 2016
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