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Blooper mania: hilarious marketing gaffes

marketing errors

Advertising is hard work, especially for people without a spell checker or common sense. Below is proof, but be warned – you will laugh.

marketing gaffes

Marketing gaffes for the wind. I mean win.

Here we go again – it’s Blooper mania! Some of these MLS and real estate advertising mistakes would make me laugh even if I had an arrow through my head. Oh wait, I believe I do. Thanks to my third eye, Jane Peters of Los Angeles, for her delightful finds.

Now honk and proceed:


“Electric gale” (Maybe Gale shouldn’t chew any more light cords until her braces are off…)

“Whimsical electric décor” (Sign in the business office of the Department of Water and Power.)

“Not on land fill” (If this is your best sales pitch, it stinks and it’s rubbish, dude.)

“Big dog pin” (…For a big dog’s lapel?)

“Enjoy your own hell water” (I do that every night unless I’m out of vodka.)


“Price convection” (From someone who is obviously well-toasted…)

“Security comrades” (I believe they are called bouncers.)

“Really gold house” (You must be selling properties in Beverly Hills.)

“Private poverty” (Thanks for not sharing.)


“Private – do not ente” (That was abrupt – ‘dog got you by the leg?)

“Daring nursery” (…For kids who want to grow up to be Navy Seals.)

“Comerical real estate” (If you can’t spell it, you shouldn’t be selling it.)

“Lots detales” (Reason # 1 not to back into an electric fan.)


“Property is not available and still on HOLD…PRICED TO SELL!!!” (Just like my last boyfriend – enticing foreplay, but no follow through.)

That’s it for this week, folks. Remember: Spell well and sell!

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