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Seeker: an affordable alternative to traditional market research


(Business Marketing) Seeker is an app in private beta that seeks to help brands to outsource marketing tasks and save money, while better reaching customers.


Seeker is a new way to reach customers

STORY UPDATE: it appears the domain for Seeker is now for sale and the tool is no longer available.

With more and more employers looking to the Internet for solutions to everyday tasks, more and more apps and platforms have emerging hoping to help employers simplify their days and mange their time more efficiently. Seeker turns market research into a social network. Seeker gives you a fast, affordable way to hire real people to talk to your customers for you.

Simply describe what type of task you need assistance with; anything from an interview to extensive fieldwork, and then select a pre-screened candidate from their network of worldwide applicants. By pre-screening candidates Seeker hopes to save you time, getting you results quickly.

Seeker also gives you the ability to track your progress and connect in real-time by receiving instant notification as soon as a task has been completed via their mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices.

Both employers and Seekers create a profile

Employers list a job description and Seekers detail their strengths and experience. So when employers are looking they can easily find someone who is a good fit for the job. When you tap or select a Seeker’s profile, you will see a concise summary of their skills, experience, and education; allowing you to quickly narrow down potential candidates and get on with the task at hand.

Seekers can use this platform to gain experience, connect with other individuals looking to make a difference in the marketing world, and become a marketable asset not only on the Seeker platform, but beyond it as well.

One of the main benefits of Seeker over competitor apps, is that it allows employers and marketers to outsource the tedious tasks of gathering information at a reasonable cost, while still maintaining a human connection to both the employee and the customer. It allows contact, but with the social interaction we have come to expect in our modern world.

So, if you are looking to outsource marketing tasks, or any other task for that matter, but still want to maintain face-to-face, as well as, online interaction, Seeker is worth a look.

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