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Century21 ‘Landing Pads’ for Amazon drone delivery


Century 21 has launched an ad touting their new “Landing Pads” to tell delivery drones where to go, but is this actually something in the works at C21?


Century 21 preparing for the future

The world has been abuzz lately after Amazon announced it’s “Prime Air” program wherein they would begin delivering products by flying drone in the year 2015, right about the time that all of the federal regulations should be worked out, changing the delivery game forever, should the plan go through and should it actually work.

Love or hate the program, the world is responding, including Century 21 who has launched a campaign around their “C21 Delivery Landing Pads” to be featured in yards and patios so the drones know exactly where to drop packages. Take a look:

Is this for real?

Obviously the little pads are Photoshopped into a series of images, but does C21 have their sights set on actually creating this product? As they assert, after all, homes are their business.

Although we believed it was just for fun, we had to check with the mega brokerage, and believe it or not, it took more than one prodding email to get the actual answer out of them. Their hired gun public relations firm first said, “Well, Prime Air is not yet available, so for now, Century 21 is just thinking ahead to what could be, preparing to take the lead when it does come to fruition. Only time will tell.”

Okay, but tell us this isn’t really in the works, it’s just a fun campaign. Please? “For now, it is just for fun,” their PR rep said. “But who knows when Prime Air actually comes to fruition – people may be looking to add this feature to their homes to enhance the value.”

So while it isn’t real, it isn’t exactly a hoax, it’s just a company having fun with advertising their brand on the heels of an announcement that could change how quickly our world operates.





  1. rolandestrada

    December 9, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    It’s a smart looking ad. I do have serious doubts that Amazon’s drone delivery will ever truly work. There are so many things that can physically go wrong with that type of delivery. Also, who really needs that quick a delivery and have we become that lazy?

    The plan is to deliver within a ten mile radius. Why wouldn’t you just get in your car, drive over to the distribution center and pick your item up at will call? Jeff Bezos has revolutionized the way we make purchases. However, this is a little far fetched even for Amazon.

  2. agbenn

    December 9, 2013 at 1:31 pm

    high top sneakers? lol I’m taking the 5th.

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