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Dollar General to launch sexy, hip little DGX convenience stores

dollar general dgx

(BUSINESS NEWS) The nostalgic discount store has announced a new concept expected to premiere early next year (and yeah, we are really excited).

Plot twist

Pizza hut sells sandwiches and Starbucks sells wine, so we were not completely surprised, but rather excited, that Dollar General now sells fresh coffee and grab-and-go snacks. Yeah, you read that right: the nostalgic discount store has announced a new concept expected to premiere early next year.


“DGX” to premier in Nashville

The new stores, or “Dollar Bodegas” as one of our writers coined, will be (tentatively) named DGX, and feature an unrecognizable urban store front complete with their new white and yellow logo.

Unlike the larger 16,000 square foot stores Dollar General opened a few years back, the newer stores will occupy much smaller areas, for the metropolitan guy or gal (or person) on the go. The first one is set to occupy an old, 3,400 square foot TGIFriday’s in Nashville, Tennessee. The second will be in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Along with a change in scenery, the new DGXs will feature an entirely renovated selection of products, including consumption stations equipped with soda fountains, coffee options, and grab-and-go-sandwiches. The concept sounds a lot like a 7-11 or the average corner bodega downtown, but it will be so much more.


How much more?

Limited grocery items will also be offered in the new stores, and are expected to include various items “not typically found in quick trip stores”. According to their statement to the Nashville Post, select assortments of home essentials, electronics, and seasonal items will also be available.

Now, I have to admit I am a pretty huge fan of Dollar General, and am therefore ecstatic about the new DGX stores. There’s something liberating about walking into a store full of items all under $20 and knowing no matter how much you spend, you’ll have a little extra left.

The last time I visited Nashville, I saw Beyoncé and ate mind blowing BBQ. The next time, I will have a shopping spree at DGX. I’m positive I’ll enjoy the latter the most. Can’t wait.


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