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Hamster Pad helps you find the Slack communities you should belong to

Slack is pretty popular, but is it growing in ways that could make it the next big social media platform? Hamster Pad may have the keys to that kingdom.

hamster pad

A kickass way to collaborate

Time to make room on the digital block for a new social media network.

Hamster Pad, a recently launched site that aggregates Slack chats, thinks that the messaging app has what it takes to be as big as Facebook.

As big as Facebook?!

That’s not to say Slack is trying to replace Zuckerberg’s brainchild.

Matt Schlicht, one of Hamster Pad’s two creators, simply made the comparison to demonstrate that he predicts high growth potential: “I see the Slack ecosystem as something very similar to the Facebook platform in 2007 when they announced their API. Slack, with 2 million daily active users, is not quite as large as Facebook was in 2007, but the opportunities are similar.”

What’s Slack, again?

Right now, Slack is the most popular communication resource for companies out there. In marketing words, the app – available for both desktop and mobile – provides “real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams.”

There’s not that much to it. It’s a simple interface that gives users the ability to join chats, create their own chats, and engage with other users through private messages.

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Through business talk and entertainment, it makes for good team bonding

One of my coworkers started a channel called “tea time” on Slack for our office to cater to the minority tea drinkers and start a conversation about bringing in and brewing different kinds.

Sometimes we hold company-wide conversations entirely in GIFs. It’s always fun to hear the domino of giggles across the office when someone contributes something particularly funny (I’m usually the delayed laugh, late to the joke).

We take care of serious business on there too, with channels like engineering and content creation.

Hamster Pad makes Slack a stronger marketing tool, gives it a Reddit feel

Hamster Pad shows users what chats are trending, how many total people are in each chat in general, and how many are actively online in the chat.

By finding the balance between promoting their product and engaging their targets through genuine interaction, a brand could gain success through a trending Slack community. An AG writer crafted a how-to guide for Slack marketing last year, after we noticed Slack’s sudden rise in popularity even though it had been around since 2013 in beta form.

To be honest, the idea of communities dedicated to specific topics and interests makes me think of subreddits. But the real-time messaging nature of Slack differentiates it from Reddit’s post and comment design.

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Staff Writer Larisa Manescu cringes at the question "Where are you from?" because it's a long story, but it's one she loves to share if you ask her. Her interests include storytelling, social justice and choreographed group dance classes.

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1 Comment

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