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Pile Possibilities: messy desk solution, hero to OCD workers

Pile Possibilites offers disorganized office workers simple, effective ways to combat the clutter. Are you a “piler” or a “filer?” Either way there is a solution for your desk.


pile possibilities

Fighting the clutter on your desk

Do you need things out on your desk so you can remember to finish them? Or do you enjoy having papers filed away and alphabetized so they are not cluttering up your desk? Whether you are a “piler” or a “filer” Pile Possibilities offers a range of products to keep your paper stacks organized and accessible.

Are you a piler? Pilers typically prefer papers in plain sight to act as a reminder or stimulant. They create a system that if efficient and effective for them and believe that filing paperwork takes time away from important tasks. They would most benefit from going through stacks and browsing old documents. And because their piles are left out in the open, regardless of the fact that they are organized in the eyes of the piler, they are often perceived as cluttered or unorganized. Most office products on the market attempt to change this system, rather than complement it; Pile Possibilities is different.

If you are a filer, you typically prefer papers put away, alphabetized, or sorted. You have a systematic way to organize projects with a beginning, middle, and end. Also, you think that filing papers saves you time in the long-run. Filers are always striving to have a clean and neat work space and are often perceived by others to be organized because their desks are clean and free from piles.

Five different products, just add a dry erase marker

Pile Possibilities was created with three key principles in mind: enhancement, efficiency, and functionality. The products must accommodate and improve the piler’s organization techniques, without changing them. Their products are transparent, so you can easily see what is underneath, so you still have visible piles, just more contained. The products increase the productivity and efficiency of the piler by improving their ability to locate items, making them easier to move, and not requiring any assembly. The products solve the pilers main problem of keeping things visual, not covering them up, and allowing them to gain more desk space without compromising their preferred organizing system.

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While these products were designed with pilers in mind, but I think they are quite useful for stacker too. They offer five different transparent products with a light ocean blue tint, to help you manage your piles more effectively: a separator, tab, tile, stacker and band. All products are designed to be used with dry or wet erase markers, so they can easily be labeled again and again as your projects change.

  • Separator: slides between documents with an angled ledge to identify pile content.
  • Tab: creates an easy way to divide a pile, as well as, control sliding piles.
  • Tile: large paperweight like reminder/identifier to easily identify a pile.
  • Stacker: Creates new space on desk for piles, can add an additional five stackers on top, and has an angled ledge for easy label viewing.
  • Band: Elastic material stretches to secure large piles, making it easy to pick them up and move them; complete with write-on label.

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