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Starbucks wants to bring your favorite brew even closer via truck

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(Business News) Starbucks wants to bring your favorite brew even closer. Mobile stores will be tested on three college campuses.

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Can you smell the Starbucks?

Today, it seems like there is a coffee shop on every corner. This seems to be especially true in college towns, and Starbucks is one of the best known coffee brands. Now, this beloved coffee brand is going mobile. Starbucks wants to bring coffee to the center of the college hubbub, allowing students to indulge, even when they are running late to class.

Three college campuses will experience the joy that is Starbucks, on-the-go. Cashing in on the food-truck craze, Starbucks is bringing their beverages and food to Arizona State University, James Madison University, and Coastal Carolina University, according to the Seattle Times.

You may remember that Starbucks partnered with ASU to offer their employees a free college education, which may explain why it is the only college campus to be tested out West.

These tests are merely a trial-run, but if they succeed, it could mean Starbucks truck on campus, nationwide. You may be asking why is Starbucks thinking about going mobile when there is one on every corner? Mobile Starbucks offers more flexibility and the potential to stay open longer than traditional stores.

Also, a mobile location can park directly across from football games, the main drag during finals week, and anywhere else where foot traffic is likely to be heavy. They can also manage several different locations in a day to opimize their profits with caffeinine-deprived college students needing a daily fix.

What will be available on a Starbucks food truck?

The trucks will offer a menu “nearly identical” to the menu offered in other stores. Which allows them to bring something that is familiar and favored, at the same time, making it more convenient.

If the trucks do well on campus, they could decide to branch out into neighborhoods, businesses, and anywhere else a food-truck can go. Starbucks is already insanely popular, so it will be interesting to see how the food-trucks are received, particularly in locations where there is already a Starbucks on campus.

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