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trakio provides customer analytics for data-driven startups and even companies beyond the startup stage. The company offers deep analytics in a very easy to view format.

trakio offers deep customer analytics provides customers with analytics for startup companies. It boasts a full range of tools to see help your startup from the beginning stages through becoming a thriving business. It offers a 360 degree profile for each customer and these profiles are fully customizable; you can add as little or as much information as you want. You can also add your own categories.

It is optimized for easy “pirate metrics,” which refers to their “AARRR” acronym: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, and Referrals. With acquisition, you will be able to see what is driving your signups. Activation, gives you the tools to optimize onboarding so your signups will actually use your app. Through retention, you can track which methods are most effective at pulling users back to your app.

Revenue allows you to easily view the lifetime revenue of each customer, as well as, each traffic source and adjust your marketing campaigns accordingly. And with referrals, you can monitor who is bringing in the most users and creating the most revenue.

Building reports on customer activity

You also have the option to build reports on customer activity. This will give you an overview of your key metrics, enabling you to see how you are doing week to week (visible through a color-coded chart, as well as, a report form). There are also numerous filter options for these reports based on your business’ needs. Perhaps one of the most unique features is the ability to track offline activity such as phone calls, meetings, and networking events.

If you need help keeping all of this information straight, you can log events against distinct, color-coded channels. This makes it easy to differentiate your web site from your mobile app, blog, phone calls, conferences and social media. You can visually see where your hard work is actually paying off.

If your startup is data-driven, is definitely worth a look. While it is still in beta-testing, it assures user that it will stay a “freemium” service. (Meaning the basic service will remain free and you will pay only for “premium” features. The site does not yet list what the free features versus the premium ones will be).

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