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Entrepreneurialism: how to go from good to great

Entrepreneurs may be born, but some never graduate from good to great. Those who have share specific traits, including the following:

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mister fantastic marvel card

How do some entrepreneurs make it big?

Have you ever wondered how some entrepreneurs become so successful? No matter what your industry, everyone who goes about building their own brand wants to feel as though their tireless efforts amount to something. You see some businessmen who have built their start-ups from the ground up, (I’m thinking Zuckerberg, Jobs and Page), and you wonder what qualities they have that make them so successful. What made their business model work over someone else’s? In essence, you wonder what made their idea go from “good” to “great.”

The most important thing to remember is that very few businesses see overnight success. Steve Jobs had to develop Apple for years and years until it became the powerhouse that it is today. Their labor was less about making money and more about developing their ideas and presenting them to the world. They wanted, above everything else, to make an impact. I think this notion of not thinking in terms of dollars and cents and thinking about the “bigger picture” is the key to seeing more success in any business model.

The qualities of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs

This is just one of the many qualities that set the world’s most successful entrepreneurs apart from the average. Here are a few of the others:

Seek new experiences. Once your business starts seeing success, you need to be thinking about how you can grow to make it better. This means not being afraid to try new things and experiment with different business ventures. Even the most successful brands have had failed products hit the market (remember the McRib?), so don’t let your fear hold you back. Embrace new opportunities and take a few risks. Something is bound to work in your favor.

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They hold on to their dignity. Success is a fleeting quality. Even Apple had their ups and downs. The one thing that you have to hold on to is your dignity. As an entrepreneur, it’s your job to build your reputation as a credible and honest person to work with. If you start hiring employees, it’s also your job to show that same level of respect and dignity to them, so that you’re known as a positive corporate brand. Your reputation can be tainted if your dignity is ever in question. Hold on to it, and conduct business honestly. That’s the best way to achieve the success you’re looking for.

Work harder AND smarter. The entrepreneurs that will be the most competitive are the ones who are willing to exceed a 40 hour workweek. I’m not saying that work has to be your life, but you should be working hard at all times to take your company to the next level. The beauty of the technology available to us is that you can work at essentially any time. Be productive in your work and know when to take a break, but don’t shut off your brain at 5:00pm every day. You never know when inspiration will hit. Be prepared to work hard for your success.

If you can adopt some of these qualities in your professional life, you’ll go from a “good” entrepreneur to a “great” one. It won’t happen overnight, but if you have a ruthless, dignified and go-getting attitude, you will be able to make it happen. You just have to be willing to work hard to get there.

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Carrie Gable & the Real Estate Virtual Assistant team at RealSupport, Inc. work virtually for many top real estate agents & brokers nationwide, offering marketing campaigns, branding, website & logo design, listing marketing efforts, lead management, technical support, marketing presentations, social media setup & management, copywriting, blogging and much more.

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