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Who owns the most land in America? It’s no longer Ted Turner

Top 100 land owners in America

Ted Turner has spent a great deal of time as the biggest land baron in the U.S. but decades ago when he took his business partner John Malone (now the chairman of Liberty Media) on a helicopter tour of his land, he inspired a love of land ownership in Malone that led to major land purchases in Colorado and New Mexico over the years. This year, Malone took the top spot with two major purchases – the famous Bell Ranch in New Mexico, nearly 300,000 acres, and a one million acre buy of timberland in Maine and New Hampshire.

The forest purchase in the northeast came with controversy as environmentalists protested, but Malone is not discouraged, he plans on diversifying even more by buying crop and ranch land to even out costs. He told the Land Report that his lust for owning land is due to his Irish genes. “A certain land hunger comes from being denied property ownership for so many generations.”

Is Turner upset? Heck no, they’re good friends, plus Malone’s 2.2 million acres owned is only 200,000 more acres than Turner.

The full top 100 list:

  1. John Malone
  2. Ted Turner
  3. Archie Aldis Emmerson
  4. Brad Kelley
  5. Irving Family
  6. Singleton Family
  7. King Ranch Heirs
  8. Pingree Heirs
  9. Reed Family
  10. Stan Kroenke
  11. Ford Family
  12. Lykes Bros. Heirs
  13. Briscoe Family
  14. W.T. Waggoner Estate
  15. Holland Ware
  16. D.M. O’Connor Heirs
  17. Drummond Family
  18. Phillip Anschutz
  19. J.R. Simplot Heirs
  20. Robert Earl Holding
  21. Anne Marion
  22. East Family Foundation
  23. Hughes Family
  24. Collins Family
  25. Patrick Broe
  26. Nunley Family
  27. Fasken Family
  28. Jeff Bezos
  29. Collier Family
  30. H.I. Kokernot Heirs
  31. Babbitt Ranches
  32. Lyda Family
  33. Jones Heirs
  34. True Family
  35. Reynolds Family
  36. Mike Smith
  37. Paul Fireman
  38. D.K. Boyd
  39. The Koch Family
  40. David Murdock
  41. McCoy & Remme Families
  42. Scott Family
  43. Roxana Hayne & Joan Kelleher
  44. Cassidy Heirs
  45. Louis Moore Bacon
  46. Killam Family
  47. Irwin Heirs
  48. Langdale Family
  49. Eugene Gabrych
  50. Bogle Family
  51. Hunt Family
  52. Tim Blixseth
  53. Bidegain Family
  54. Williams Family
  55. Robert A. Funk
  56. Russell Gordy
  57. Broadbent Family
  58. Sugg Family
  59. Benjamin W. Griffith III
  60. Cogdell Family
  61. Leo Drey Foundation
  62. Fanjul Family
  63. Hearst Family
  64. Ellison Family
  65. Bass Family
  66. Emily Garvey Bonavia
  67. Boswell Family
  68. Eddy Family
  69. William Henry Green Heirs
  70. Wells Family
  71. Gerald J. Ford
  72. Mike Mechenbier
  73. Harrison Family
  74. Thomas Lane Family
  75. Issac Ellwood Heirs
  76. JA Ranch Heirs
  77. Monahan Family
  78. Les Davis Heirs
  79. Booth Family
  80. Brite Ranch Heirs
  81. Reese Family
  82. Moursund Family
  83. Scharbauer Family
  84. Clayton and Modesta Williams Jr.
  85. Stan Harper
  86. Frank Leonard Vandersloot
  87. Richard and Victoria Evans
  88. Linnebur Family
  89. Moore Family
  90. Robinson Family
  91. Beggs Family
  92. Milliken Family
  93. Powell Heirs
  94. Walter Umphrey
  95. Yates Family
  96. Butler Heirs
  97. Eshleman-Vogt Family
  98. J. Luther King Jr. & Frank King
  99. Hampton Family
  100. Aubrey McClendon
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