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11 million American homes are now underwater – interactive infographic

Home equity for Americans

Nearly 11 million homes are underwater in America as of the end of the second quarter of 2011, according to CoreLogic data. In response to the widespread illness of homes with negative equity, Credit Sesame created an interactive graphic to illustrate how each state stacks up.

We learned that the Western region and the Southeastern region have been hit harder by the struggling economy while much of the Midwest is outperforming the rest of the nation.

When you hover over each state, it offers that state’s percentage of homes underwater and near underwater, alongside the total number of homes nearing negative equity or those already in a negative equity state. Each graphic is animated to show how far underwater each state is and as the hovering over a state like Nevada is pretty alarming.

Click on the graphic below to visit the interactive graphic of all 50 states:


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