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PicketReport tells consumers what Realtors can’t

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What is the most common question a Realtor is asked that they can’t legally answer for fear of violating Fair Housing laws? “What kind of people live here?” or requests like “don’t put me in a neighborhood with those kind of people.” Consumers are typically asking for advice from their trusted agent in an effort to find a home that best matches their lifestyle, but when a Realtor is asked “are there other young single couples in this neighborhood?” the answer is some canned version of “this neighborhood has all types of homeowners, you could check the census for more demographic information which I do not have on hand.”

Enter PicketReport which answers these questions and gives consumers an idea of what type of neighborhood they may be relocating to, including school data, walkability information, and crime information as show in the video above.

Color coded and easy to read, this is exactly where Realtors and other real estate professionals (including leasing) can send consumers in an effort to avoid steering yet answer the deep questions consumers really want answers to.

Below are just three of the many sub-categories PicketReport offers to give you an idea of what kind of information consumers will encounter:

  • Thriving Boomers – Upper-middle-class baby boomer-age couples living comfortable lifestyles settled in town and exurban homes
    Full Pockets, Empty Nests – Empty-nesting, upper middle-class households with discretionary income living sophisticated lifestyles
    No Place Like Home – Upper middle-class multi-generational households in exurban areas
    Unspoiled Splendor – Comfortably established baby boomer couples in town and country communities
  • Promising Families – Young couples with children in starter homes living child-centered lifestyles
    Fast Track Couples – Active, young, upper middle-class suburban couples and families living upwardly-mobile lifestyles
    Families matter Most – Young, middle-class families in scenic suburbs leading active, family-focused lives
  • Young City Solos – Younger and middle-aged singles living active and energetic lifestyles in metropolitan areas
    Status Seeking Singles – Younger, upwardly-mobile singles living in mid-scale metro areas leading leisure-intensive lifestyles
    Urban Edge – Younger, up-and-coming singles living big city lifestyles located within top CBSA markets


  1. Omni Chaparala

    January 4, 2012 at 9:37 am

    Most people with children are interested in school information. The video shows that if you click on the green schools button, you get all the schools in that area and when you click on the school button it gives you all the information about the school. That is a nice feature. This will be helpful to home buyers with children.

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