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LinkedIn adds metrics to tell you if you ca...

Jun 13, 2016No Comments

The professional networking site announced some new features rolling out over the next few months.


Facebook 360 degree photos finally roll out

Jun 12, 20161 Comment

Looks like Facebook will continue to innovate at the intersection of social media and VR content.


Snapchat acquires 3D photo app Seene –...

Jun 07, 2016No Comments

Snapchat quietly acquired a computer vision app called Seene, which allows users to take 3D selfies that can be inserted into augmented reality environments.

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Is Facebook too big to fail? Let’s as...

Jun 07, 2016No Comments

Yahoo! used to be king of the hill, but innovation from smaller startups and a failure to adjust led to its downfall. Can the same


85% of Facebook users watch videos without ...

Jun 02, 2016No Comments

If you're creating video content for Facebook, how do you compensate for most people watching without sound?


Tang is an interesting Snapchat competitor,...

Jun 02, 2016No Comments

Tang is the geographic-specific alternative to Snapchat, but is nowhere near a replacement for Snapchat. They're doing their own thing.


Is this the legitimate option to buying Twi...

Jun 01, 2016No Comments

As competition in the social media game is always increasing, the question remains how to accurately grow your Twitter following.

facebook live video

The most viewed video on Facebook isn’...

May 23, 2016No Comments

I finally watched it. I had seen it shared over and over again on Facebook, but just never felt compelled to click.


Google’s freshly announced sharing ap...

May 20, 20162 Comments

Google Spaces could be perfect for group sharing where you never leave the comfort of the app. Ooh la la.


Which social media platforms attract *and* ...

May 18, 20161 Comment

Social media giants are really good at attracting users, but who is actually keeping eyeballs and increasing in engagement? The answer might surprise you.


A quick guide to Snapchat for people who co...

May 17, 2016No Comments

Snapchat has officially gone mainstream, and you're being told you need to hop on the bandwagon but you don't care about it at all. Here's

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Senator presses Facebook for answers on sup...

May 16, 2016No Comments

Senator John Thune, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, opened the doors to an inquiry of Facebook’s bias against conservatives in