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The ultimate small business guide to LinkedIn [flowchart]


(Social Media) LinkedIn is hit or miss for most people, but with this in-depth guide, it can be a sure thing.


LinkedIn for small businesses

LinkedIn. Yawn, right? Not so fast – there are some hidden leads in the LinkedIn ecosystem you shouldn’t be ignoring. Things have changed over the years, and LinkedIn expert Brian Carter notes (among other things) that LinkedIn groups is the sweet spot where the most action happens, but is it sweet enough for you to devote time and resources to?

Simply Business has created a handy, interactive flowchart to help you determine your own LinkedIn strategy.

The company notes that “With over 300 million users and 2 new users signing up per second, LinkedIn is the largest professional social network. However, many businesses aren’t making the most of this powerful platform. Follow this step-by-step guide and make LinkedIn an effective part of your marketing strategy.”

In their new guide, they ask questions like “Have you created a LinkedIn Page for your business?” and “Do you know how to measure your efforts,” each answer taking you a different route. It’s kind of like a modern, professional version of “Choose Your Own Adventure” (you remember those books, right? Yeah, you do).

Instead of a 40 page PDF that is sure to put you to sleep, the Simply Business folks have helped you to cut through the noise, skip the parts that have nothing to do with you, and keep you laser focused on what will actually improve your bottom line. Each click takes you to another helpful tutorial or blog post from various authors around the world with industry insight and practical LinkedIn experience, keeping your entire reading journey right in your browser.

Tip: we recommend poking around the guide and bookmarking all of the links you’ll want to read as one grouping for later reading, especially offline while you’re on the train or stuck in a meeting you’re pretending to pay attention to.

Take a gander at the guide and walk through the flow chart yourself:

linkedin business guide

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