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aerial photography

gopro drone

GoPro testing out their drone prototype, it...

Nov 09, 20152 Comments

After a series of vague announcements and mentions of a prototype, GoPro has finally released their first drone video and we think you'll love it!

faa drone rules

Aerial drone research sites announced to es...

Dec 30, 20131 Comment

(Business News) After a ten-month period, the FAA has announced the six cities that will be home to years of research it will take to


How new FAA rules will impact aerial photog...

Nov 07, 20131 Comment

Aerial photography and other commercial and personal uses for drones is being analyzed and accounted for by the FAA, but regulations will take years to


Aerial photography ban amended, concerns co...

Feb 28, 20134 Comments

After concerns were raised over the initial aerial photography ban, amendments were made, but some continue to question the bill and its implications for other

aerial photography

Aerial photography ban proposed for all but...

Feb 26, 201337 Comments

In New Hampshire, an aerial photography ban has raised more questions than answer as fears regarding drones heat up - measured reaction or overreaction?