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mortgage crisis


Real estate couple gets jail time for massi...

Mar 28, 20142 Comments

(Business News) When a well known Realtor and his loan officer wife get rich off of $50 million in falsified loans and wash profits through


Mortgage application volume falls slightly

Oct 23, 2013No Comments

Although the average contract interest rate fell for many types of loans, mortgage application volume fell - the MBA points out that Columbus Day may


Bank of America employee accused of taking ...

Oct 19, 2013No Comments

One Bank of America employee has been charged with a scheme that put over $1 million in his pocket.


Foreclosure mills run rampant, justice may ...

Aug 29, 2013No Comments

If you follow the money at several major foreclosure mill firms, the abuses being discovered at various levels are astounding. One state is investigating, will

eric holder

DOJ revises web transcript of 2012 Eric Hol...

Aug 19, 2013No Comments

When it was discovered that Eric Holder misstated facts about the Mortgage Fraud Task Force, the DOJ initially issued a press release to correct the


JPMorgan staff that allegedly hid $6B in lo...

Aug 12, 2013No Comments

Two arrests are finally set to be made in JPMorgan's "London Whale" case wherein the bank allegedly covered up $6B in losses - will more

eric holder

Eric Holder misled Americans about mortgage...

Aug 12, 20135 Comments

Eric Holder has overstated facts about the mortgage fraud task force formed to seek out and punish wrongdoing, raising additional questions about the crisis.

california texas

City invoking eminent domain on underwater ...

Jul 30, 20132 Comments

Local governments in California are known to launch experiments, but invoking eminent domain on underwater mortgages is raising questions and eyebrows across the nation.


BoA sued for lying, denying applications fo...

Jun 19, 20133 Comments

Former Bank of America staff members are coming forward, alleging bank policies that forced employees to lie to homeowners and in some cases, illegally foreclose.


Wells Fargo foreclosing on home for overpay...

May 16, 20133 Comments

Wells Fargo has taken a harsh tone in the case of a homeowner who sent in too much money one month in an effort to


Court rules that MERS meets definition of b...

Apr 26, 20131 Comment

MERS, once blamed for the entire housing crash, is now being affirmed by judges - could more courts and more states rule in favor of

foreclosure home

Court affirms MERS role in chain of title i...

Apr 15, 2013No Comments

MERS, once blamed for the entire housing crash, is now being affirmed by judges - could more courts and more states rule in favor of