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vsco academy

VSCO gives free photography lessons to all ...

Mar 15, 20167 Comments

VSCO is one of the most popular photo apps, especially among seasoned photographers. And they’re translating their knowledge into a VSCO Academy on YouTube with


VSCO Cam sets a new standard with newly lau...

Nov 04, 2015No Comments

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but how do you stand out in today’s media saturated world? VSCO cam has


Agencies bundling pro photographers into tr...

Aug 31, 2015No Comments

Professional photographers put our social media images to shame, so travel agencies are bundling their services into travel packages. Genius!

smartphone photography

5 fun and innovative smartphone photography...

Jul 04, 20143 Comments

(Tech News) Photojojo offers five incredibly innovative iOS smartphone photography tools to make getting professional-quality photography results simple.


3 new, inexpensive smartphone photography t...

Jan 12, 20149 Comments

(Business Marketing) Smartphone photography has come a long way, from hobbyists to marketers jumping into the fray, and today, accessories are inexpensive and readily available


Deeper snaps on to DSLR camera to make 3D v...

Sep 03, 2013No Comments

Kúla Inventions has developed a prototype for a device that enables any DSLR camera owner to take 3D pictures and videos in a very simple


SOLOSHOT: hands-free filming up to 2k feet ...

Aug 12, 2013No Comments

The SOLOSHOT tripod is an ingenious little device that automatically aims your own camera at the included armband, which means you can be in the

print photo ink

Print on fabrics with only the sun and magi...

Jul 30, 2013No Comments

Photojojo offers a way to test out your logo on fabric with only their magic product and the sun. AWESOME!


5 videos to help you look less ugly in pict...

May 13, 20131 Comment

We've all looked like an earthworm or an alcoholic in some ungodly picture floating around the web, but here is how to look good in


Imgembed tracks your online images, helps y...

Mar 14, 20131 Comment

Imgembed adds ethics and a better understanding to fair use of images by websites, and helps image creators to actually make money from their works.

aerial photography

Aerial photography ban proposed for all but...

Feb 26, 201337 Comments

In New Hampshire, an aerial photography ban has raised more questions than answer as fears regarding drones heat up - measured reaction or overreaction?


Bikepod: tripod handlebar mount for cameras...

Nov 30, 2012No Comments

How many videos have you seen (or made) of bumpy bike rides not only by serious cyclists, but by people touring a city or just