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Noted economist calls for Occupy Wall Stree...

Oct 19, 20116 Comments

OWS “needs to occupy Congress and lobbyists” Economist Barry Ritholtz weighs in at the WSJ telling the Occupy Wall Street protesters that there is a


Top 5 most viewed political videos on YouTu...

Oct 14, 2011No Comments

Shifts in politics by the week Because the rise of web video is so prevalent, not just in politics but in business in general, we


No hope and no change? At least balance you...

Oct 09, 2011No Comments

Real estate broker Daniel Rothamel said, “Ok, this video has A LOT of swearing in it, so if that kind of thing offends you, don’t


Die, corporations! But first, someone order...

Oct 09, 20111 Comment

Click to enlarge, make less fuzzy (and possibly more funny). The Occupy Wall Street protest has garnered a great deal of attention, both positive and


Occupy Wall Street protesters opposed onlin...

Oct 08, 20114 Comments

Responding to the “we are the 99%,” an opposition group has taken advantage of the same meme idea of people writing out their situation, photographing


Uh oh – special message from Michele ...

Oct 08, 20116 Comments

Bachmann gets a what what Bad lip-reading presents their take on Bachmann’s campaign strategy and re-imagine what her outtakes look like above, and give their


Top 5 most viewed political videos on YouTu...

Oct 07, 20114 Comments

Politics through the eyes of YouTube According to a recent report, in August alone, 6.9 billion viewing sessions occurred of web video and the average


Facebook forms a PAC, coincides with new pr...

Sep 28, 201123 Comments

Facebook forming a PAC Facebook has filed paperwork to form a political action committee (FB PAC), after years of increased spending on lobbying, over $550,000

Producers vs Takers – if takers win, ...

Sep 26, 201131 Comments

A village of 100 Let’s boil America down to a village of 100 people. They can easily be broken up into two basic broad brush

America’s report card – residen...

Sep 22, 201155 Comments

National sentiment Leading into an election cycle, American sentiment appears to be fairly pessimistic with most states grading the education system, health care system, state

Discussing ideology, moderation and empiric...

May 26, 20118 Comments

Ideology and policy The other day I found myself in one of those superb conversations about the economy in general, and how ideological beliefs impact

Patent reform on the way, but last minute o...

Mar 29, 20116 Comments

Patent reform passed Senate, now what? Patent reform has long been called for and it looked like an overhaul was on the way as Congress