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RoomGroove is eHarmony for roommates

Feb 27, 2013No Comments

Not even three months old yet, RoomGroove has already attracted the interest of big names in multifamily and takes a much needed creative approach to


The anatomy of building a real estate start...

Mar 29, 201217 Comments

Examining the anatomy of big decisions that go into building a real estate startup that most people never get to see or hear about -

NYC startup InsideDigs’ peer to peer ...

Jan 16, 201220 Comments

InsideDigs showcases off-market rentals Much like a pocket listings site for residential listings prior to being publicly listed through the MLS, InsideDigs is a free


Flipcomp helps real estate investors find, ...

Jan 13, 201234 Comments

Finding flip opportunities After a decade practicing real estate, Curt Ranta founded FlipComp for real estate investors to analyze opportunities for residential real estate flipping

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Redfin gets $15M investment, has now raised...

Oct 27, 201115 Comments

Investment in Redfin jumps by $15M Real estate company, Redfin has announced today the $15 million that has put them almost at the $50 million


Nestio apartment search site goes national,...

Oct 22, 201111 Comments

Nestio has become famous for helping organize your rental listings from around the web through bookmarking, but has now revamped their site and announced they're

South African real estate startup SalePost....

Oct 19, 20115 Comments

Streamlining and making digital is making its launch in the United States and aims to streamline and make digital the entire document and communication

DotLoop surpasses major milestone – A...

Oct 17, 201126 Comments

DotLoop is a real estate transaction management company that helps all parties digitally sit at the same table as signatures and documents are shared in


HomingCloud real estate social network does...

Apr 19, 201127 Comments

Real estate social network Are you a Realtor? Have you spent years fine tuning your skills in the real estate profession? Are you an expert Makes Loan Refis as Easy as B...

Mar 22, 201011 Comments

Drama Free launched this year with little fan fair. With few write-ups, set about the business of doing what it was meant to

Real Estate Startups to Watch

Oct 14, 200812 Comments

Rentbits A product of Rent Marketer, Rentbits launches new search that actively crawls the web for property rentals and displays them in brilliant fashion for