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Yahoo chatbots come to Facebook Messenger (...

Jul 11, 20161 Comment

(SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS) Yahoo recently launched some of the first chatbots on the popular messenging platform, Kik. Now, they want to bring these bots over

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Is Facebook too big to fail? Let’s as...

Jun 07, 2016No Comments

Yahoo! used to be king of the hill, but innovation from smaller startups and a failure to adjust led to its downfall. Can the same


Yahoo’s $23M bet was a bust; now what...

May 16, 2016No Comments

Industry Analysts point out that Yahoo itself has essentially no market value. But that doesn’t mean it’s still not worth something.


Yahoo! shutters their streaming video servi...

Jan 12, 20161 Comment

Yahoo's streaming service, Yahoo! Screen, is giving up after a little over two years. Never heard of it? Us either. But it does speak to


Is Yahoo really looking to acquire Foursqua...

Apr 19, 2015No Comments

Yahoo has been rumored to have their sights set on Foursquare, but do they really and why would they want to acquire the "check-in" app?

yahoo youtube

Yahoo’s YouTube competitor delayed, b...

Jun 02, 20141 Comment

(Tech News) Yahoo has long had plans to host videos and compete with YouTube, so why the delay?

yahoo logo

Yahoo! revenue highly reliant upon Microsof...

Dec 12, 20131 Comment

(Business News) New SEC filings reveal that one in three dollars Yahoo! makes comes from it's partnership with Bing, but the SEC wants more details


Yahoo Marketing Dashboard for your small bu...

Aug 24, 2013No Comments

Yahoo Small Business offers a marketing dashboard to help businesses get started and visible. It is essentially a command center for information regarding a small

tumblr alternatives

Tumblr Alternatives for fans jumping ship

May 22, 20131 Comment

If you love Tumblr, but are not excited that Yahoo! bought the company, there are a few Tumblr alternatives out there that might be worth

tumblr yahoo

Yahoo buys Tumblr, promises not to screw it...

May 21, 20131 Comment

Whether you call it Yahumblr or Tumblehoo, it makes no difference, the fact remains that Yahoo! has purchase Tumblr for 1.1 billion dollars and has


Yahoo! to restructure, lay off thousands

Mar 07, 201213 Comments

Details are beginning to leak about Yahoo's restructuring, with major news that thousands of employees are expected to let go as Yahoo! cuts under-performing programs

ask-dot-com-logo users are wordier than on any other...

Jan 24, 201225 Comments

Search behavior of web users Comparing the top five search engines, Chitika set out to analyze one major search behavior – how many words consumers