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5 reasons your team should use this time tracker app, right now

Using this time tracker app could improve your bottom line – here’s how.

Productivity is the name of the game

Are you a business owner in need of a system to effectively manage your employees’ attendance? Do you dream of eliminating the frustrations of having to manually process an antiquated time clock system? Would you like to have a modern automated system that really works?

Well, then, you should utilize stress-eliminated time clock software – you’re probably automating everything else, so handwritten time sheets should be nixed as well. Time clock and attendance software provides your employees with a convenient, easy-to-use time clock for punching in and out, and streamlines your own efforts.

Maybe your team consists of remote workers or your scheduling is irregular? It matters not; time tracking is relevant for all brands in all industries. Here are 5 reasons why using a time clock and attendance software will give your business an advantage:

1. Increased accuracy

Outdated manual timekeeping systems lead to a host of issues, including the inability to read your employees’ handwriting or the possibility of fraud. Utilizing modern time clock software will reduce the number of inaccuracies with automation.

Give your employees the freedom to track their time digitally or via mobile device and have peace of mind knowing that the data collected is transferred to the software in real time.

2. Productivity improvements

Are you currently having to manually process payroll? Then you know how tedious time card collection and data entry can be. The time alone that it takes to complete this task, depending on how many people are wasted with this responsibility, is enough to switch up how you process payroll.

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By utilizing modern time tracking tools, you will drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to process your payroll.

A manual process involves human error which can impact your bottom line. Automating time collection with time clock software will do exactly this. The result is accurate processing that can take much less than time a manually processed system. The increase in productivity you will see comes from reducing the time it takes to manage your current system and from eliminating the inaccuracy of a manual system.

3. Happier employees, yay!

Eliminating the stress of inaccurate time reporting will allow your employees to focus on what truly matters. Additionally, modern time clock software will secure access to your employees’ personal data through an employee self-service portal.

This more practical solution will empower your employees, leading to increased satisfaction for all involved.

4. Reduce stress for all

Are some of your employees working at the office, while others are at home or at another remote location? Having a difficult time searching through emails trying to figure out who started working and at what time? Using an employee clock timing system ends that – you can easily tack time using a variety of clocking options for short and long-term tasks.

5. Improved success rates

Because you’ll be able to easily develop and manage entire schedules for your team of employees, you’ll have more time to focus on improving other aspects of your business. Remember all those ideas you had, but never had the time to start on? Well, assigning hours to a specific task, adding clients to tasks, or keeping track of shift swaps will all be a breeze with tool like Clockspot.

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You can even then allocate workloads, resources, and budgets by department more easily and efficiently, making it easier than ever to accomplish goals and further grow your business.

The takeaway

You’re wasting your time and money by using outdated pen and paper. Sure, that’s still the preferred method for to do lists, but not time tracking. Make your team happy and productive, and use the tools at your disposal to modernize. There’s no reason not to.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

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