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Encore Alert identifies your best marketing opportunities on Twitter

encore alert

(Social Media) Encore Alert filters and prioritizes your Twitter feed so you can engage with customers quickly and efficiently.

encore alert

Encore Alert helps you connect with influencers, potential clients

Twitter has become a great way to connect with friends, family, and most importantly, customers. Scrolling through a never-ending Twitter feed however, can be a challenge because you are more than likely going to miss something important. There are several options, courtesy of technological innovation, that can help.

Most of these apps, help you find important people (also known as “influencers”), but do little in the way of actually connecting you with them, in order to begin a meaningful interaction. Enter Encore Alert: a new app aiming to continually identify key mentions and trends from your brand’s social media then aggregate them into a series of proactive alerts with recommended actions.

Encore Alerts proprietary algorithms pick out the main idea from the surrounding noise, allowing you to address the important items, without scrolling through the rest. Alerts are sent in real-time so you can engage with people immediately, lessening the chance of missed opportunities.

Filtering the firehose of tweets

Instead of sending you a list of influential people, Encore Alerts takes it one step further. They filter the “full fire hose” of tweets relevant to your brand and industry, analyze it with their algorithms, then narrow the scope to approximately five to seven of the most valuable opportunities, each day, and pass them on to you with a recommended response. This allows you to be an active, influential presence on Twitter without wasting time trying to find who is the most influential and why.

If you are currently using another app to filter your Tweet, you may want to give Encore Alerts a look. While many other apps offer great filtering options, you have to log in to a dashboard daily to see what is there; with Encore Alerts, they send the data directly to your email inbox, eliminating the need to log into another platform. This allows you to focus on what is important and act immediately, which can lead to increased sales and happier customers.

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