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Momentum: Chrome app keeps you on task in a beautiful way

momentum chrome app

(Tech News) Momentum is an app for Chrome that turns your new tab into a beautiful, motivational dashboard that loads instantly and keeps you focused.

momentum chrome app

Momentum’s new tab page

Google Chrome comes standard with a white background with various apps, and most people simply open up a new tab and ignore the existing offering, but the folks behind Momentum want to change all that, and with their beautiful designs, they have a good shot at keeping you on task with a beautiful design and simple concept.

Momentum has dubbed itself a “personal dashboard” for Chrome, replacing the existing “new tab page” in Google Chrome. They offer stunning HD photos, motivational quotes, alongside the current time and weather in your area. The goal is to keep you focused, and motivated.

When you open a new tab, you are greeted with a beautiful photo and a personal greeting, and daily, it asks you to set your “main focus,” and in the corner, you can add tasks to do which are viewable every time you open a new tab. At the top left, the “apps” link takes you to the old fashioned white background Chrome page offering all of your existing apps.

Listen up, procrastinators: face your tasks

The developers focus on “getting on with things,” (thus “Momentum”) and hope to help procrastinators by making the process of task management simple and seamless, with no tech savviness required.

The permissions required are extremely basic, and rather standard (it basically just wants permission to know your location so it can populate the weather app), and the extension is very light on system resources, never slowing down your Chrome (seriously, this bad boy loads instantly).

Momentum is a free extension for Chrome and is available from the Web Store. Check it out and let us know if this is the type of minimalist app that works for you, or if you still prefer Google’s standard “new tab” offering.

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