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Get yourself together with DayDeed, the app that helps you build “habits that stick”

It’s the time of the year to start thinking of who the “new you” will be during the “new year”. DayDeed is a one stop app for good-habit-forming and to-do list crossing off.

goal setting

goal setting

One app to rule them all and help you get your life together

It’s a big task, getting your life together.

In today’s fast-paced “busier than thou” world, few people will openly call themselves unorganized. Considering technology has inserted itself into all aspects of our lives, from dating to finding the best place to eat within close proximity, it only makes sense that it would try to tackle the colossal issue of organization. It’s a paradox: We’re trying to calm the chaos that technology has brought into our lives by clinging to more technology. Pandora’s box has long been opened.

Although some people still prefer the old-fashioned tangible touch of a planner, there are many, many apps being developed out there to help us track our fitness goals, personal finance, daily chores, and long-term dreams and aspirations.

But having to juggle between all of these individual apps can seem like it’s adding more stress to your life than it’s taking away.

Habits that stick

Insert DayDeed, a free application that serves as a one-stop shop for setting and achieving goals in all realms of life. The dashboard advertises itself as an app that helps you set “habits that stick,” whether those habits have to do with advancing your career, establishing a healthier lifestyle or

So how exactly does it work?

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It’s essentially a giant comprehensive, customizable calendar, with a specific focus on metrics.

Tracking goals: yes/no vs. numerical

When you first set up an account, the screen will ask you to insert add first item. If you want to track whether you did something (did you wake up as early as you said you would this morning?) you can mark it as a “Yes/No” item.

But say that you’re trying to increase the number of daily squats you’re doing or decrease the amount of daily cigarettes you’re smoking, you can choose “Numerical” as an advanced tracking option. Then you’ll be asked what’s a “better” value: A higher number or a lower number? (More squats, less cigarettes).

The flexibility of the design, open for users to add as much or as little as they want, is a bit overwhelming at first. But if you can make actually logging into DayDeed a daily habit that sticks, then the app could be a handy resource to increase productivity.


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Staff Writer Larisa Manescu cringes at the question "Where are you from?" because it's a long story, but it's one she loves to share if you ask her. Her interests include storytelling, social justice and choreographed group dance classes.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jay

    December 7, 2015 at 7:39 am

    Seems like daydeed could be a good solution for building (or eliminating) target habits. I couldn’t find the app for iOS or for Android. Has it been released yet?

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