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Protect your finances with the Scam Detector app

scam detector

There are always questionable schemes and scams going around, which is what Scam Detector is devoted to fighting against to help you protect your finances.

scam detector

Scam Detector app: yourself from scams

Scams are everywhere. And most of us are fully aware that we should ignore email scams from Nigerian princes who need our help and our bank account numbers. However, there are a lot more scams to be aware of than those that have now become almost a household joke. The problem is that scams are constantly evolving and becoming more complex. Scammers become smarter with each interaction with their targets. That’s one reason scams can be so dangerous, especially to those who don’t stay up-to-date on current scamming trends.

That’s where the Scam Detector app comes into play. If you’re ever unsure if something is a scam or if it’s legitimate, this app should give you the information you need to make an informed decision. This app will make you better equipped to protect yourself, your family, and your finances. The Scam Detector app is merely informational, meaning it will provide you with the information and then you can apply that information to your own situation.

The app’s information is divided into sections for easy browsing and researching. The sections include scams relating to employment, housing, cars, and even social networking. Scammers are reaching out in entirely new ways than decades previously, even when compared to recent years. Social media seems to be one of the most popular.

So, let’s discuss one common social media scam that you probably have already come across a few times, if not on your own page, on your friends’ pages and accounts. The scam is usually titled, “99% of People Can’t Watch This Video.” The description says that only a small percentage of viewers can watch the video more than a few seconds. Because human beings are naturally curious, they’ll click on it to see what the video is about. When you click on it, it will put spam messages on your page and even on many of your friends’ pages. And it spreads just like that. It can also download viruses to your computer. That one is relatively harmless, but there are others that can severely disrupt your life or finances.

Scam Detector is a free app, so it doesn’t hurt to have it. If you ever have a doubt about an offer of employment or someone asking for help, check with Scam Detector and see if it can save you some headaches in the future. This app puts the power back into the hands of the consumers. What you do with this information is up to you.


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