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Safe Shepherd guides, manages your privacy online

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Web privacy is a hot topic as social networking has gone mainstream, and you may want a little protection from the internet. That’s where Safe Shepherd comes in.

smart shepherd

Safe Shepherd: because the internet is watching you

With every online interaction or post, bits of your personal and private information potentially become public. By now you’ve learned how to lockdown your Facebook and Twitter accounts the best you can if you wanted to keep the unknown masses out.

However, there are more privacy settings you should be aware of, on those sites previously mentioned and other social networking sites. Safe Shepherd will analyze your social accounts and let you know where private data might be available or leaked to a curious eye. Unfortunately, this curious eye can range from a social stalker to someone gathering and then selling your private information to the highest bidder.

All you have to do is type in your username for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram and Safe Shepherd will search through the data that’s available and accessible to the public. This includes apps that you might use on Facebook. Once you’re given the report of your accessible private information, Safe Shepherd will guide you in how to make the necessary changes to better privatize your accounts and profiles. These reports are free, so you can use it for every one of your accounts.

Dealing with compromised security

If you want to remove your information from sites like Spokeo, you can upgrade from a free account to a premium account, which is about $14 per month, and Safe Shepherd will contact the sites and get your information unlisted. Safe Shepherd will assign an employee to take care of it, even if requires letters, emails, and personal calls to get it done.

They also offer a VIP account for businesses for $250 per month. The VIP account gives you a privacy lawyer to handle your accounts and offer some legal advice. However, if you don’t want to pay for an upgraded account, Safe Shepherd also offers a free guide to help you opt-out of sites like BeenVerified and other undesirable sites.

Just because you have an active online social life doesn’t mean you should risk your privacy. Once your privacy is compromised, it’s difficult to get it back. But Safe Shepherd can help you get there, whether if you want a simple, free option or an upgraded account. Take your privacy back, one account at a time.


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