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ADJ AMA Replay: Should you pursue a mini-MBA program?

In this ADJ AMA, we talk about mini-MBA courses, why several of us chose this path, how they work, and more – watch the replay and holler with questions!

What even IS a mini-MBA program, how can it improve your career at any level, who should *not* pursue it, what does it cost, how long is it, etc.?

We’ve talked a lot about the mini-MBA option, a condensed way to absorb a ton of information in an expedited, online formula.

Lani Rosales, COO at The American Genius and founder of Austin Digital Jobs recently completed a mini-MBA, and Luke Owings is the VP of Product at Invited MBA – they’ll both be there along with a handful of Invited MBA program alumni to talk about this option in an open and honest forum.

This path is a huge shortcut for many people, but it’s also not for everyone. Watch below to determine which camp YOU fall into. The replay cut out the Q&A portion so people would feel comfortable asking questions openly. If you have questions, feel free to email with the question and who you want it to be directed to.

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Apologies for Zoom randomly choosing the Gallery view instead of the Speaker view, ugh.

Lani is the COO and News Director at The American Genius, has co-authored a book, co-founded BASHH, Austin Digital Jobs, Remote Digital Jobs, and is a seasoned business writer and editorialist with a penchant for the irreverent.

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