About Austin Digital Jobs (ADJ)

Austin Digital Jobs Group (ADJ) – ADJ is a Facebook group that celebrates the tremendous talent where we’re headquartered and boasts over 23,000 members so far. We’re devoted to retaining talent in Austin, attracting new brands, and letting our hair down while we do it. We offer a quarterly jobs mixer, cramming one of Austin’s largest bars full of the city’s most desirable employers alongside eager talent. **Connect with us: Twitter, Facebook Group.

And while you’re here, hello, we at The American Genius are the people behind the Austin Digital Jobs movement, please poke around!

Here are the rules, folks:

Before anyone is allowed to post anything in the Austin Digital Jobs (ADJ) Group on Facebook, we ask everyone to check out this flowchart.
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This beautiful mamajama was designed by Summer Ortiz, a phenomenal designer who would love to design something for you.

Want more ADJ goodness?

We also have carefully curated emails to send to your inbox, and most come with animated gifs (because that’s how we roll):

TGIF Roundup – Every Friday, we send out a thoughtfully curated list of links that are relevant to job seekers, career refiners, and hiring folks alike, minus the fluff.

AMAs and WILTs – we often offer interactive live video events with experts where you can ask them anything (AMA) on the topic, or learn what it’s like to (WILT) work at a certain company or in a specific industry. Sign up here if you want nothing but alerts about what’s coming up and when.

ADJ Recruiting Mixer alerts – we only use this list to send offline event notices. No spam, no news stories, no cats, just event alerts, maybe some cats.

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