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Hoyt David Morgan is an entrepreneur, angel investor and business strategy leader. He is an investor and/or adviser to a handful of exciting and high growth companies, and has been a part of several high-value exits. He is passionate about customer experience, smart business and helping innovative companies grow... and sailing.

blocksy edge

Blocksy – Real estate’s next big thing ...

Jan 12, 20142 Comments

(Editorial) Blocksy is an interesting new startup serving the Big Apple - could they finally innovate the real estate space that has struggled to modernize

celebrity ceo

Does being a celebrity CEO help or hurt you...

Nov 05, 2013No Comments

It seems today that the quest for many executives is to become a public figure, a celebrity CEO if you will. Is this good or

open book management

You should use an open-book management styl...

Oct 24, 20131 Comment

Open-book management is a controversial style, but done properly, can be a tremendous tool at your startup or small business.


What should never be compromised when picki...

Oct 18, 20131 Comment

When picking a co-founder for your company, there are key factors that should never be compromised, regardless of your industry.


How the government shutdown would play out ...

Oct 05, 2013No Comments

The current government shutdown may make sense to some people, but comparing it to how the real world operates boggles the mind.

cash money

2 finance tools every entrepreneur can bene...

Sep 23, 2013No Comments

While there are endless finance tools that track your spending, today, we're talking about tools that put money INTO your pocket.

steps to save a startup

Five steps to save your start-up

Sep 22, 2012No Comments

Entrepreneurs are glorified in American culture, but success is not always instant or long term. When a startup is struggling, or even on its last

startup benefits

How to get the most bang for your benefit b...

Jul 30, 2012No Comments

Many start-up founders struggle with the decision to offer benefits to their team when strapped, but it isn't impossible.

boss ceo executive

Top 7 success traits a good leader should h...

Jul 03, 20123 Comments

There are seven traits that successful leaders have that set employees up for their own success.


3 simple things to keep you on the fundrais...

Jun 19, 20123 Comments

The effort of building your business into an investment-worthy company can be wasted when entrepreneurs miss these three simple things.


How to create an investor-ready business pl...

May 02, 201215 Comments

A business plan allows you to detail a strategic operating plan, define and execute your value to customers and verses others in the market, and


How to create a formal executive summary fo...

Apr 24, 201217 Comments

As businesses get more creative, more innovative and take advantage of new social and technology trends, they are losing many of the formal business practices