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App rounds up credit card purchases, socks ...

Jul 19, 2016No Comments

(FINANCE) If your bank doesn't offer a "round up" app, this startup wants to help. Saving up small amounts is more feasible for many, and

seed round

How raising seed funding in 2016 is far dif...

Jul 12, 2016No Comments

(ENTREPRENEUR NEWS) While it used to take weeks or months to raise seed funding, now it can happen in a matter of days. But can


TaxBestimates wants to help you keep more m...

Jul 12, 2016No Comments

(BUSINESS FINANCE) Did you know that taxpayers overpay by an average of $3,000 per year? Don’t let this be you. TaxBestimates can help.

working millennial

The woman’s negotiation dilemma, and ...

Jul 07, 2016No Comments

(BUSINESS FINANCE) Women in business have it twice as difficult as men sometimes. When you’re assertive, it can be seen as unfeminine or even aggressive


inBudget: Simplistic budgeting tool, especi...

Jun 27, 2016No Comments

(FINANCE NEWS) inBudget is a unique solution for making budgets with expanded functionality, the way to change your method of finance management and bookkeeping.

internet of things devices

Your IoT devices could soon become the only...

Jun 15, 20162 Comments

The IoT has a wide-ranging impact across a variety of categories but the cost of such devices may initially prove to be prohibitive or at

privacy credit cards

Burner credit cards protect your privacy, k...

Jun 09, 2016No Comments generates virtual card numbers that protect your security and privacy when you shop online.


Comparably is a great research tool for job...

Jun 07, 2016No Comments

Money is always a touchy subject. Data tool “Comparably” offers information on compensation comparisons in your field.


Fingerprints soon to be currency in Japan (...

Jun 02, 2016No Comments

In anticipation of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, the Japanese government will test a new system of currency that relies not on printed


There’s now special business insuranc...

Jun 02, 2016No Comments

When renting out your space on Airbnb or Homeaway, they offer insurance, but you should consider this new option to supplement what the built in

desk planning working

Freelancer? Here’s how to get clients...

Jun 01, 20163 Comments

Working freelance and being your own boss is awesome – except that, unlike a salaried employee or wage worker, you can’t always rely on a


Who actually accepts Bitcoin as a form of p...

May 26, 2016No Comments

A surprising number of major corporations have begun accepting payments for products in Bitcoin. Even the Republican Party of Louisiana accepts Bitcoin donations.