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Matt Fuller, GRI spends most of his waking hours obsessing over all things San Francisco real estate. He is half of the successful JacksonFuller real estate team, and also writes at the San Francisco real estate blog about all things SF. He is also a father, husband, foodie, avid runner, and slave to his Newfoundland and Basset Hound dogs.


FLIPT: real estate ROI beta app a flop so f...

Jan 11, 20142 Comments

(Editorial) FLIPT is a new app that has launched in beta, and it appears that the ROI tool has a lot of room for improvement.

internet of things

How real estate technologies are still fall...

Oct 01, 201320 Comments

Regardless of adoption rates, real estate technologies continue to fall short in one key category, and it isn't innovation, it's something simpler.


Calm down, “zero down loans” is...

May 17, 20132 Comments

Zero down loans are on the rebound on a small scale, but is it really such a horrible thing for the housing sector?


Middlemen cut out by internet in most indus...

Jan 10, 201317 Comments

The internet has ushered in the era of dying middlemen, yet the web has given rise to even more middlemen in real estate as startups

neighborcity alleges NAR, MRIS, Northst...

Oct 02, 20122 Comments has filed a countersuit against two MLS operators, naming NAR as a co-defendant, claiming anti-trust laws are being violated by all three.

Explaining the controversy surrounding Real...

Aug 14, 201214 Comments

There is a medium-sized kerfuffle in the real estate industry that is raising eyebrows. We opine below as to whether or not it is worthy


Scraping real estate listing data is a red ...

Apr 23, 201218 Comments

When analyzing the issues in protecting real estate listing data, many people are looking at it from an outdated angle, as listing data becoming a


The evolution of MLS rules and industry pol...

Feb 28, 201217 Comments

Real estate and sharing The Internet has made it easy for everyone to share. Which seems to be a problem when it comes to real


The challenge of doing business in an archa...

Feb 16, 20129 Comments

Don’t Judge a Realtor by the company they keep I don’t know about you, but access to my MLS is governed by my local Realtor


Sharing listing data is irrelevant if Realt...

Feb 03, 201223 Comments

Looking outside of real estate “As a company, we are culturally pioneers, and we like to disrupt even our own business.” Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO,


How a real estate startup stepped up when t...

Jan 27, 201235 Comments

Property tours today As of today, only a select few agents in San Francisco can manage, search, sort, and map their Tuesday Broker’s property tour


Ethics hearings in private a disservice to ...

Jan 13, 201226 Comments

Fight Club and real estate For those of you that saw the movie ‘Fight Club’ you’ll remember that Rule #1 is “You do not talk