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Nike installs Kinect-powered interactive window displays

nike advertising

Nike, like many others, has gotten creative with their window displays by adding Kinect-powered interactivity for fun movement in their displays, attracting the average passerby.

nike advertising

Nike-powered innovation

Advertising Nike’s Flyknit Racer, Nike+ Fuelband, Lunarglide, Reflective Sportswear and the new Pinnacle clothing line, Dutch creative agency …,staat designed and built various interactive window displays for the company’s London store, using Kinect to track people passing by, matching the pace, height, and other interesting features of passerby.

Not only are all of the displays interactive, highlighting strengths of each collection, several interact socially, for example, a window display where people outside of the store jump as high as they can, emulating a basketball dunk, and results are ranked in the public gallery which is also viewable online.

Interactivity fueled by Kinect is popping up in window displays across the world, and while not always as playful as Nike’s window displays, many are eye catching. From dummies that move to follow a passerby to a simple change in monitor display as someone passes. Retail and office spaces alike with prominent windows accessible by passerby are using the opportunity to attract and connect with consumers creatively and with the advent of Kinect, the most expensive part of the display is its design, not typically its implementation.

[pl_video type=”vimeo” id=”60156741″]

[pl_carousel name=”Nike-powered advertising”][pl_carouselimage first=”yes” title=”Nike Lunarglide” imageurl=”” alt=”nike-lunarglide-1″ ]
Window for Nike Lunarglide moved in a wave pattern according to movements of each passerby.

[pl_carouselimage title=”Nike Flyknit Racer” imageurl=””]
The Nike Flyknit Racer simulates flight when people pass by, highlighting the super light nature of the shoe.

[pl_carouselimage title=”Nike Reflective Windrunner” imageurl=””]
Most effective at night, the reflective gear shines lights at people at the pace they walk by.

[pl_carouselimage title=”Nike Pinnacle Sportswear 1 of 2″ imageurl=””]
The window as it appears when no one is walking by…

[pl_carouselimage title=”Nike Pinnacle Sportswear 2 of 2″ imageurl=””]
…and each panel opening up as people walk by.

[pl_carouselimage title=”Nike+ Fuelband” imageurl=””]
Powered by Kinect, the balls lift, matching the pace of people passing by.


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