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Who’s Mailing What! shows millions of direct mailers online


Who’s Mailing What! is re-launching their comprehensive database of e-mail and direct mail campaigns in a user-friendly web site.


Who’s Mailing What! unveils what your competitors are up to

Who’s Mailing What! (WMW), gives you a way to monitor marketing activity across multiple channels: direct mail, email, and social media, in one place. Whether you are looking for marketing trends in your industry or just want to keep track of your competition, you can do it all with WMW. If you have never run a full-force marketing campaign before, or are simply out of ideas, WMW can help. You can easily look through the database; examine offers, specials, and creative wording from similar companies and use this information to create your own effective campaign.

WMW lets you search across eight major industries and includes over two hundred sub categories, to help you find your niche. And when you do find your niche, you can see the actual direct mail and email campaign items and save the attached PDF examples right to your library (in your dashboard), so you have it when you need it.

You can follow one company’s entire marketing campaign to see how they added, changed, and revamped it over time; allowing you to adjust your own campaigns accordingly. Being able to view the actual PDF scan of the mail, lets you check out the envelope teaser, email subject line, and direct mail offers; all things you would not normally be able to fine without some serious digging, if at all.

Finding inspiration for your own marketing

If you are not sure which companies are worth looking at: WMW has you covered – Grand Controls tell you they have been in the mainstream for three years or more and are truly worth a look. Controls tell you the business has been received by WMW and are mailing things frequently. You also get metrics so you can stay on top of trends; trends in direct mail, QR codes, and self-mailer usage, as well as, many more. When you sign up, you will gain access to your dashboard where you can follow companies, save searches, and view your library, I mentioned earlier. You will also be able to set which trends you want to follow and see them in a graph when you log in.

The site is easy to navigate and if you get stuck there are help videos, as well as tech support, should you need it. WMW offers three pricing plans: monthly ($147), quarterly ($297), and annually ($897). While you may only use it once, it is worth checking out for your marketing toolbox, as it has the potential to boost your marketing efforts by knowing your industry’s or competitors’ efforts first hand.

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