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New app puts customer surveys right inside ...

Jul 19, 2016No Comments

(BUSINESS MARKETING) If you value customer feedback, check out this new app that puts surveys beautifully inside of emails. Genius!


The type of promotional emails I actually e...

Jul 18, 2016No Comments

(BUSINESS MARKETING) Emails fly into our inboxes every day, and most are ignored. But some blatantly advertise to us, and yet we enjoy opening them.

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Amazon Prime Day 2.0 – another flop?

Jul 13, 2016No Comments

(BUSINESS NEWS) Last year, Amazon’s Prime Day wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Was the company able to fix it this year or


How to use your blog to keep people coming ...

Jul 13, 2016No Comments

(BUSINESS MARKETING) Blogging has become an essential part of marketing, but it is now so much more than just a broadcasting tool. Let's discuss how


Warner Bros fined for not being transparent...

Jul 12, 2016No Comments

(ADVERTISING NEWS) Warner Brothers paid influencers tens of thousands of dollars to post sponsored videos on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. The FTC looked into it


5 habits of highly successful bloggers

Jul 11, 2016No Comments

(MARKETING) With blogging one of the staples of any marketer's toolbox, what are the keys to success in today's business environment?

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How to make sure blogging isn’t a was...

Jul 05, 2016No Comments

(MARKETING NEWS) Being a good steward of the Internet involves answering questions for your potential customers. Doing so gives you exposure and an association with


Netflix jumps on #influencer marketing, tim...

Jun 28, 2016No Comments

(MARKETING NEWS) Netflix just sent a big cultural signal out to marketers everywhere; celebrities aren’t the only influencers you should be paying attention to on


The biggest hidden market no one has tapped...

Jun 21, 2016No Comments

The tech industry has long been focused on first-world problems when tapping into a market. But what about the other side of the coin?


Napster is making a comeback thanks to Rhap...

Jun 20, 20163 Comments

It looks as though an old, familiar face may be making a comeback courtesy of Rhapsody. Rhapsody is re-branding themselves as Napster and are looking


Yahoo the first to launch chatbots on Kik

Jun 14, 2016No Comments

Following in the footsteps of Facebook and other social media platforms, Yahoo becomes the first platform to launch chatbots on popular messenger, Kik.


Find out how far your Twitter content goes ...

Jun 13, 2016No Comments

Postreach, a new service specially for content creators and marketers understands the importance of content stats, and claims to deliver effective and unmatched Twitter insight