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A look into the life of a marketer this past year

2022 can been a rollercoaster year for many, with seemingly high highs and low lows. The same goes for the marketer across the board.

Employee typing representing the marketer life

What’s the scoop with marketing leaders right now? What did the life of a marketer entail in 2022?

Trying to keep up with new challenges, tools, and strategies will lead you down a rabbit hole, taking up a lot of energy and time. There’s a ton going on right now in the marketing world. If you want the rundown on the most important aspects of being a marketer right now, you’re in luck, because Airtable recently released their Marketing Trends Report for 2022!

They surveyed over 300 marketing leaders to give us a look into how the industry is changing and evolving, while they offer insight into how they’re managing adaptability, engagement, and more. 

What are the most important highlights/findings? 

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  • Less than 1 in 3 of leaders in marketing have even slight visibility into the ROI of their campaigns 
  • Around 95% of leaders in marketing reported an influx in the number of content and campaign requests over the past year 
  • About 74% of marketing teams disclosed that their workflow is limited and has detached processes 
  • Automation grew by about 35% over the course of 2021 and 2022 Around 86% of leaders in marketing reported their teams being stressed in regards to workload, with the main factors regarding responsibilities, increased volume of requests, content, and campaigns, and gaps in tools. 

73% of team members agreed that they are frustrated by how long shipping most campaigns takes. The report highlights the fact that though marketing is changing rapidly, leaders still lack insight into what genuinely works for their teams.

With leaders reporting the main factor of stress being changing or additional responsibilities, marketers are reportedly under high amounts of pressure. 

Only 17% of marketers find it simple to turn their data into valuable insights, with 18% finding it easy to make decisions regarding real-time data. According to the report, only one in four marketing teams find it ‘very easy’ to determine and measure the impact their marketing campaigns have against larger business goals. Airtable makes sure to mention that one of the hardest changes for marketers is possibly the intense pressure to drive ROI without having proper visibility. 

What are the challenges of elusive ROI? According to Airtable, one challenge is the idea that guessing leads down a path of false prioritization. ROI helps demonstrate a marketing team’s value, but it also halts the team from moving in the right direction. Staticky impact also limits engagement – and leads to frustration and burnout among a team of employees.

Burnout leads to loss of visible talent and low productivity levels due to declining mental health. 

They note that the positive side is that this narrative is “instructive.” When companies take time to invest in solving the factors that contribute to burnout by establishing crystal clear work expectations and performance objectives, displaying agreement and impact to more broad business goals, allowing time for creativity, and more, they usually see a rapid rise in engagement among their marketer employees.

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Macie LaCau is a passionate writer, herbal educator, and dog enthusiast. She spends most of her time overthinking and watering her tiny tomatoes.

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