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Cannabusiness stats prove legalization, innovation are rebranding the industry

(BUSINESS NEWS) We’ve got the details on the 2016 State of Cannabis report – the industry is growing rapidly, and the cannabusiness stats are impressive.

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The state of the industry

Continued cannabusiness success stories are helping combat stigma surrounding legal marijuana use. Eaze, a Californian medical marijuana delivery service, just released some new stats on the state of the cannabusiness industry.

As we’ve mentioned, the cannabusiness industry is maturing. It’s not just a phase, and people are finally starting to take the medical benefits seriously. Medical marijuana services are on the rise and growing in popularity. According to Eaze’s 2016 State of Cannabis report, someone places an order with them every 30 seconds. That’s up 100 percent from 2015, when Californians were placing orders every minute.

Erasing the stigma

This isn’t some college dorm drug ring. It’s a legitimate business, and investors are paying attention. Launched in 2014, Eaze became the most-funded start-up to date, raising $25 million overall.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Legal marijuana sales are expected to be in the tens of billions over the next four years.” quote=”Legal marijuana sales are expected to be in the tens of billions over the next four years.”]

Destigmatizing is half of the battle when it comes to expanding access to medical marijuana. Services like Eaze and spreading knowledge about the benefits of medical marijuana. As a result, Californians in the study are now more comfortable with cannabis use for medical purposes.

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Their Favor-like service takes away the danger factor associated with acquiring marijuana. Those with a valid Physician’s Recommendation are able to order weed just like any other product and feel like a normal person instead of a shady criminal.  Whoever is delivering isn’t a necessarily skeevy frat boy or sketchy dude in an alley. There is an accountability factor beyond the legal terms and conditions of Eaze’s service.

Generational growth

Astoundingly, baby boomers are the fastest growing segment using Eaze. Even more surprising, Eaze saw a 25 percent increase in orders from baby boomers over the past year while millennials actually dropped three percent.

In fact, baby boomers spent more money per month than any of the app’s younger generations.

Boomers spent 36 percent more on cannabis than millennials per month.

If this doesn’t scream destigmatized, I don’t know what does.

New scientific studies have played a huge role in changing public perception about medical marijuana. According to Eaze’s data, marijuana is “quickly becoming a preferred alternative to alcohol and opioids.”

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Fully 82 percent of respondents reduced their alcohol consumption because of access to medical marijuana while 11.6 percent even reported they have completely stopped drinking alcohol since they are able to legally access cannabis. Additionally, 95 percent of respondents who have used opioids to manage pain report they now take less painkillers.

Weed over wine?

Eaze’s study also shows orders spike around 7pm, suggesting marijuana is replacing a nightly glass of wine. Another cultural shift is seen in the increasing popularity of vaporizer cartridges. In the last year, vaporizer cartridge sales increased by 400 percent. Eaze explains that vaporizers provide “a new form of immediate relief.” One out of every three customers ordered a vaporizer cartridge in 2016 compared to a mere seven percent in 2015.

People are also likelier to order during holidays or three-day weekends. This means cannabis is potentially being used in a more mainstream celebratory manner like alcohol.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Consuming legal marijuana is now seen as a legitimate form of celebration & relaxation by many in CA.” quote=”Consuming legal marijuana is now seen as a legitimate form of celebration or relaxation by many Californians.”]

Although California has a reputation as the hippie cousin, some conservative states are changing their minds about marijuana laws and use. Even in notoriously straight-laced Texas, citizens plan to gather at the state capitol during Constituent Advocacy Day to lobby for marijuana policy reform and it’s conservative politicians leading the legalization charge. Seriously Reform supporters are organizing in support of bills that could remove some criminal possession penalties and expand the Compassionate Care Act to include more patients.

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Be a pioneer

The landscape of marijuana consumption is changing, and companies in states where cannabis is legal are finding marketing strongholds. Platforms like Eaze show how profitable the cannabusiness industry can be for those who are willing to put aside stigmas and pioneer new methods of customer satisfaction.


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