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Men’s Wearhouse, Jos A. Bank merger about to go down

mens warehouse jos a bank

(Business News) In an odd and ongoing merger discussion, Men’s Warehouse and Jos A. Bank appear to be close to a final deal.

mens wearhouse jos a bank

Men’s Wearhouse and Jos A. Bank’s interesting relationship

The merger of two men’s specialty clothing companies seems more likely than ever, despite both companies’ apprehension. The Men’s Wearhouse and Jos A. Bank have been offering and counter offering to acquire each other for months, only to have those offers rejected and redrafted. Monday, The Men’s Wearhouse upped its offer to Jos A. Bank to $57.50 per share, or a sum of $1.61 billion.

Previous offers included Jos A. Bank’s offer to buy Men’s Wearhouse for $48 per share, a total of $2.3 billion, but Men’s Wearhouse declined; Men’s Wearhouse then turned the tables and offered them $55 per share. This offer was rejected in late December because it was too low and precipitated the current offering of $57.50 per share. Jos A. Bank will make a final decision and recommendation to shareholders by January 17, 2014.

The merger is inevitable, details to be worked out

Three days prior to the Men’s Wearhouse announcement, Jos A. Bank lowered the trigger threshold from 20 percent to 10 percent; the same as Men’s Wearhouse, for its shareholder rights plan. This allows existing shareholders to acquire more stock at a discounted rate and enables the company to ward off the investor (Men’s Wearhouse) collecting a bigger stake.

While the merge is inevitable, the companies need to come to a decision soon on the ground that it will allow both companies to cut costs and boost profits in a market where more and more consumers are seeking a bargain to keep their own finances on track; this could be the answer both companies need to continue to thrive.

Investors already benefitting

“Although we have made clear our strong preference to work collaboratively with Jos. A. Bank to realize the benefits of this transaction, we are committed to this combination and, accordingly, we are taking our offer directly to shareholders,” said Men’s Wearhouse Chief Executive Doug Ewert in a statement. And with any luck, they will reach agreeable terms soon, so both companies can enjoy the merger.

The merger is proving to be beneficial for investors as well, in late-morning trading, Monday, in New York, Jos. A. Bank was up more than 4 percent, $2.39 a share, to $56.80. Men’s Wearhouse was up nearly 3%, $1.49 a share, to $52.08.



  1. agbenn

    January 7, 2014 at 11:11 am

    I’ve seen this coming for several years, the question is, will Mens WareHouse retire their old image, and allow Jos A. Bank to merchandise MW? Personally, Harrolds, Jos A Bank are higher end, I for one have no reason to show in a mens warehouse. Poorly branded, pathetic brand image, whimpy slogan circa 1980 – the company has no modernity to it what-so-ever. With Harrolds contracting and shutting down back in 08 it left men with Nordstrom, Jos A Bank, Saks 5th, and Brooks Brothers, and a few others, but in that list you’ll not wasn’t Mens Warehouse (spells cheap) – I wish Jos A. Banks could survive w/o a merger, and take the position of Harrolds.

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