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Simplify distributing your resume with Accredible


(Business News) Accredible can help any job hunter spread a resume to the masses in a streamlined, meaningful way.


Accredible simplifies your resume distribution process

Filling out job application can be tedious, almost as tedious as searching through those applications to fill an open position. If you are searching for a job, Accredible gives you a platform to create a customizable narrative; like your resume, but more personal. This helps employers get a better idea of who you are, without the constraints of a traditional resume. It has the feel of LinkedIn, but with a more thorough approach.

Employers will be able to easily glance over summaries of your projects, in about thirty seconds, easily viewing education, experience, knowledge, and promotions. This gives your narrative a depth you cannot convey with a traditional resume. You can use media, links, and references to illustrate items of interest, drawing attention to what matters most to a potential employer.

You can also customize your narrative resume for multiple job applications quickly and easily. This allows you to make small tweaks based on the specific job, without spending hours retyping information. Your narrative can also be attached as cover letters so yours will stand out from the competition.

Customizing and tailoring

The bottom line: Accredible narratives are easily tailored to each job and each narrative has a unique URL so you can share it on resumes, cover letters, and social media. This helps you maximize your impact with minimal effort.

If you are seeking an employee, you will find qualified candidates on Accredible. In less than thirty seconds you can see which employee best fits your needs. Each narrative with be tagged with individual skills, so you can search for what you need quickly.

Accredible will match their skills to your opportunities and company, so you will only see what is relevant. When you read a narrative, you will see much more than an employment history; you will see why they think they are a good fit, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, all before you interview them.

Whether you are an employer or potential employee, Accredible can help you find what you need. For employers, the first three months are free, unless you hire your first employee beforehand; you can sign up for beta here. If you are a potential employee, the service is free and you can get started here.

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