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Startwire accelerates, streamlines recruiting, job hunting


Today’s job marketplace can be a daunting and frustrating experience for new and seasoned job seekers but what about employers? New job site, Startwire, seeks to change job searches for the better for both job hunters and hiring employers.


Startwire is hoping to revolutionize the industry

Startwire has set out to revolutionize the job application process by providing a suite of communication and organization options for job hunters and employers. Offerings include a streamlined job posting service which collects millions of daily postings from around the web and provides them to job seekers in one place. Popular services included are Monster, CareerBuilder and Indeed.

The benefits for employers are numerous and easy to see. A faster, streamlined and targeted service, job postings are matched against an individual’s skill set, ensuring a closer match between prospective employee and employer. While job seekers have an option to search manually, the jobs matches are so accurate, there’s not much reason to. Doing a brief search for PR related positions within 50 miles of zip code 76039 returned over 100 results.

Startwire seeks primarily to serve employers by ensuring jobs are only seen by highly qualified candidates, helping to prevent mass overload of resumes in response to a job posting. By providing a combination of features for both job seekers and employers, Startwire is offering the best of both worlds in the job marketplace.

Key advantage: job status alerts

Perhaps Startwire’s most beneficial feature is related to communication about a job’s status. By partnering with companies who sign up, Startwire allows job seekers to keep track of their application status through job alerts and text messages as well as provide feedback to prospective employers regarding the candidate’s experience. No more silence in response to a resume, the system automatically feeds the status back to applicants. This is beneficial from a public relations standpoint for employers as it helps applicants to still feel valued even if they aren’t hired.

Recognizing and validating the applicant’s time commitment to the hiring process, is a win-win for both and increases the likelihood that a qualified candidate will continue to look at future positions with the company. Depending on the volume of resumes received for a position, not responding can negatively impact thousands of potential candidates and customers daily. In addition, the service for employers called Application Connect, is free. This new tool is both an excellent recruiting tool for employers and job search tool for job hunters.

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