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Learning with Lani: Productivity Mini-Course

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Hey new friend, my name is Lani Rosales (sorry for the giant stupid picture of me, but my boss said I had to include it). I’m also “lovingly” called the Evil Overlord in our giant Facebook Group, Austin Digital Jobs!

Thanks for checking out this little mini-course I created just for you! 

This course and all events associated with ADJ are made possible by our parent company, The American Genius (AG), a national news network crafted for entrepreneurs and business folk alike.  AG is headquartered in Austin and is *ahem* my day job, where I am the COO and work for a founder who cares deeply about Austin, allowing endless resources to pour into ADJ.

With over 40,000 members in ADJ, I am really lucky to have conversations with some of the best and brightest brains spanning every industry – and they’re not just in Austin (although I am pretty damn biased toward my lil Boaties.)

So why this course? Glad you asked, pal!

I haven’t met a single person that didn’t feel they had their time and task management locked down. It’s a challenge for everyone we’ve surveyed over the years. But some people I knew were crushing it, broskis.

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I started thinking that I could compile their best practices – habits, apps, and attitudes – into a format that everyone could access and come back to again and again.

This course isn’t a prescriptive ‘do this and you’ll get this result.’ Everyone is different, ya know? Think of it like a guided tour of concepts and what works for a whole lot of people, with some science sprinkled in for you nerds that need it.

It’s just three modules of goodness. And by the end of those three modules, you’ll walk away with rock-solid ways to:

  • Streamline your day
  • Get rid of useless and redundant tasks, and
  • Restructure your time for peak performance

In module one, you’ll learn what science says about why you suck at getting things done. Then I’ll tell you how not to suck as much! Winning already!

In module two, I’ll make you feel bad about how you manage your email. JUST KIDDING! But I will show you how you can slay that evil beast and make your inbox your bitch.

In module three, I have a list of super-apps that will give you time to lounge around a rooftop pool all summer eating tacos. You won’t even know what to do with your newly discovered free time. I have case studies, kiddos. CASE. STUDIES.

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All this info, PLUS we have a popup Facebook Group for the other cool kids taking this course AND I’ll pop in with office hours once a week, like a proper professor. You won’t be alone, my little baybee! We’ve got you!

In all seriousness, I want to thank you for taking time out of your day, out of your life, to play a part in this amazing community – I am personally grateful. That sounds corny, but it’s true – I’m keenly aware that this entire thing means nothing without people like you. Otherwise, it’s me on Facebook alone, bitching about cats or traffic or whatever. 

This ‘lil mini-course is hopefully something we can grow to help all the pals out there that need good stuff. I hope it helps you wherever you find yourself on your career path.
Love and tacos,

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