Interior design trend spotting – chevron prints everywhere

Chevron is hot

Stripes have been hot for years now, but we’re seeing the rise of the chevron pattern as seen in the curtains above. The trend is appearing in lofts and traditional homes alike and is appealing because of its clean lines and simplicity and a bit of unexpectedness in a world of horizontal stripes.

The pattern serves to break up monotonous spaces and in a staged listing can add a major impact with a simple pattern addition.

Let’s take a look at how this hot print is being used, and let it serve as inspiration not only for you home, but to your new buyers, or for staging a vacant home.

Chevron rugs

Chevron rugs can range from neutrals to very bold colors depending on the designer. In an all white room, a simple pattern can help tie elements together.

This rug is a neutral rather than the up-and-coming-common black and white pattern:

Chevron wood flooring

We are seeing the chevron pattern used in three ways in wood flooring. One is to alternate darker and lighter woods, the next is simply to spice up the standard floor pattern while using all the same finish, and the last is to add color to wood floors.

Chevron tiles

We anticipate that builders will begin experimenting with using tiles in kitchens and bathrooms in the chevron pattern because it is edgy right now and it does not offend the traditional senses. All white tiles on bathroom walls are simple to install in the chevron pattern, and we are seeing bold uses in kitchens:

Chevron furniture

Many people are taking to the DIY route for the chevron pattern in their decor, namely with furniture. Painting the top of tables, sewing pillows and staining concrete patios are all making a splash. Homeowners and builders are reverting to the chevron pattern for outdoor pavers and patios and getting away from the expected horizontal/vertical pattern.

The chevron pattern is hot and we encourage knowing it to help with your custom build homes, for staging vacant homes, or simply being on top of trends to help your buyers envision their new living space.



  1. Sandra

    July 25, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    Thanks for the article and noting the trend. I noticed the chevron trend emerging when I saw some new paper weave/grass cloth wallpaper designs a manufacturing company recently produced . I decided to add these chevron designs to our latest wallpaper collection 🙂

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