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multi-functional tables

Interior design trend: multi-functional tab...

Jul 30, 20131 Comment

Interior design trends are changing to accommodate a shift in the American lifestyle, favoring smaller spaces. Enter multi-functional tables to save the day!

graphic patterns interior design

Graphic patterns: hot interior design trend

Jul 12, 2013No Comments

Interior design impacts how you feel and function in any room, and graphic patterns is one of the keys to quality design be it in


10 creative outdoor lighting trends for fal...

Nov 09, 20122 Comments

Making the outdoors appealing as the temperatures drop is tricky, but with these 10 creative lighting ideas, you won't be sitting in the cold in


Home buyer must-haves: Pinterest edition

Oct 26, 20124 Comments

Across America, some trends have remained tried and true throughout the years, particularly the most common buyer desires as outlined her today.


Clear IdeaPaint makes any wall a dry erase ...

May 25, 20127 Comments

IdeaPaint now has a clear option - many are familiar with white but this makes a huge change and is inexpensive for small businesses to


HomeMint: Justin Timberlake’s new hom...

May 22, 20121 Comment

Finding inspiration in their own lives, Justin Timberlake and famous designer Estee Stanley came together to discover and collaborate with artisans all over the world


How to screw up a dumpster rental when remo...

May 14, 20121 Comment

As homeowners stay put for longer and remodeling is on the rise, an often overlooked detail is renting a dumpster which has more specific guidelines


Interior design trend: built-in dog beds

Apr 13, 201242 Comments

While the world is full of cat lovers with crazy catios (cat patios), there are also a growing number of dog enthusiasts that are seeking


2012 home design trends: focus on the famil...

Apr 02, 20121 Comment

The changing economy and attention to environmentalism have inspired four building trends that are rising in popularity in 2012.


Five creative chandeliers: interior design ...

Mar 30, 201224 Comments

Interior design trend spotting: chandeliers don't have to be those clunky brass ornaments your home came with. Try real jewels, paper, metal or other materials


Photo tour of a 260 square foot Barcelona l...

Mar 23, 201225 Comments

In a former pigeon loft in a trendy Barcelona neighborhood, a fully fold-out apartment loft was constructed for a bachelor who even hosts dinner parties


Stunning custom chalk designs by Dana Tanam...

Feb 24, 201218 Comments

Taking the art world by storm Graphic designer Dana Tamachi moved from Texas to Brooklyn to design Broadway show posters and has since become so