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HomeMint: Justin Timberlake’s new home decor startup

Finding inspiration in their own lives, Justin Timberlake and famous designer Estee Stanley came together to discover and collaborate with artisans all over the world to make homes more beautiful, and their recommendations based on a quick quiz are quite accurate so far.

Have fun, start a business

Justin Timberlake and stylist Estee Stanley have come together to found and operate HomeMint, an exclusive curation of home decor artisan works for any design budget, created out of sheer fun and passion between Timberlake and Stanley who have known each other for many years.

“There’s no reason aspiration can’t be accessible,” says Timberlake. “HomeMint combines my love of architecture and interior design with my passion for technology and social media to create a brand that offers aspirational designs for the home at accessible prices.”

Home products will be available in four categories: Art (limited-edition art and photography from undiscovered as well as legacy artists), Collaboration (products Timberlake and Stanley work with artisans to create), Unique Finds, and the Private Collection (created exclusively by the two). Prices will range from $10 to $10,000.

How HomeMint works

Visitors take a quick online style profile that is designed to be simple and fun, and the results generate recommended pieces based on your style, and products can be purchased without being a member (unlike sister Mint sites like StyleMint or ShoeMint). Members pay $9.99 per month which is applied as a credit toward any purchase, and receive discounts on products, whereas non-members pay full price. Members also get early access to limited edition products.

First, the online style profile asks you to pick one of four scenes or items from a bunch, then requests basic demographic information like age, gender and household size, and gives you the option to login as a new user with your email address or with your Facebook account. We opted out of Facebook for now since we are in the testing phase and do not know how much integration we want with our social networks.

The results generated are limited, likely because it is a very new service just launched, but are quite accurate. Below is a screenshot of one quiz question, and some featured products recommended (note the discounts offered to members). Even Timberlake himself is creating art!

Introduction video to HomeMint, Timberlake and Stanley

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1 Comment

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