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How to screw up a dumpster rental when remodeling

As homeowners stay put for longer and remodeling is on the rise, an often overlooked detail is renting a dumpster which has more specific guidelines than many are aware of. The pitfalls can cost time and money.



Remodeling and avoiding simple mistakes

As the remodeling index has just hit a five year high and reports show that homeowners are staying put, one of the money drains and disasters in waiting that many know little about is the easily overlooked dumpster rental.

Joe Eitel at Hometown Dumpster Rental shared with us five ways homeowners or even new repair crews can make major mistakes when renting dumpsters, and real estate industry professionals should be prepared to guide clients in this increasingly common activity in the American home:

5. Failing to Price Shop
Dumpster rental prices can vary significantly between rental companies, so it’s important to call at least two different dumpster rental companies to get a better idea of whether or not you’re getting a good deal. In many cases, you can save $50 to $100 or more by taking an extra five minutes to price compare.

4. Not Clearing Enough Space for the Dumpster
We all know roll off dumpsters are big, but some homeowners fail to grasp that concept. Dumpster rental companies prefer to drop off the containers on relatively level concrete or other hard surface. So, make sure to clear enough space in your driveway to accommodate containers up to about 22 feet long and eight feet wide (approximate dimensions of a 40 yard container).

3. Filling Dumpsters with Prohibited Items
You can’t just throw anything into a rented dumpster. Prohibited items include things like batteries, appliances with Freon, gas/oil or other flammables. Most rental companies also have policies about separating certain materials into its own individual containers, such as concrete.

2. Overfilling
Even though roll off dumpsters arrive at your home without a top lid, the rental company covers the top of the dumpster when picking it up to prevent spillage. For this reason, many rental companies prefer customers fill the container no more than three-fourths of the way full. Some companies actually require this.

1. Choosing the Wrong Sized Container
It’s hard to visualize or predict exactly how much “dumpster” you actually need for a project. Dumpster sizes primarily come in 10, 20, 30 or 40 yard varieties. For reference, a 10-yard dumpster may be adequate for a garage cleanout while a 40-yard container is a better choice for new construction or commercial roof replacement. When in doubt, choose a bigger size. Overage charges do apply when filling the container beyond the weight limit, so paying a little extra for a bigger container may save you money in the long run.

Tara Steele is the News Director at The American Genius, covering entrepreneur, real estate, technology news and everything in between. If you'd like to reach Tara with a question, comment, press release or hot news tip, simply click the link below.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kendall Everett

    July 6, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    Having enough space for the dumpster to be placed on a hard surface is important. Like you mentioned, planning ahead is a good way to ensure it will fit. If possible, checking with the city to see if you can get a permit to park it in the street may also help.

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Interior design trend: multi-functional tables

Interior design trends are changing to accommodate a shift in the American lifestyle, favoring smaller spaces. Enter multi-functional tables to save the day!



multi-functional tables

multi-functional tables

Multi-functional tables: the perfect touch

Smaller, more well designed homes with space constraints are on the rise. Gone are the days of McMansions and 10,000 square foot homes. Couples with children who have flown the nest are looking for a more simplified and less cluttered lifestyle. We are coming into an age where our homes and the furniture that goes in these homes need to be convenient, compatible, and multi-functional.

Speaking of furniture, sometimes clients beat you to the punch and find the coolest furniture to use in their new and smaller home. Such was the the case when working on a new construction and furnishing project for a couple in the 78704 neighborhood of Austin, Texas. Before deciding to work with a designer, my clients had discovered the perfect dining room table for their new smaller home. We’ll get to that table in a second, but lets talk more about furniture.

Alongside the family room sectional, the second most important piece of furniture in a home are tables. It’s the piece where we kick up our feet, gather for family dinners, or finish our homework. But what if our tables did more than just coaster our evening glass of Pino? What if our tables performed the duty of storage, game time entertainment, or additional seating?

Now I bet you’re wondering what piece of furniture my clients found for their dining table. This is by far the coolest dining table I’ve ever seen. It is not ONLY a dining table but converts into a pool table. Hidden by its sleek design and contemporary lines, you would never know until you take its top off (see below).

The Fusion Dining Pool Table… ooooh, aaaah

pool table table

Who says your books have to be vertical?

book table

Can’t remember the components for water?

…here’s a big cheat sheet:

Go ahead and pretend you’re Mozart, I won’t tell:


For the NES fan boy/girls in all of us:

[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”2c3q9K4cHzY”]

And some more multi-functional tables for the road:






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Graphic patterns: hot interior design trend

Interior design impacts how you feel and function in any room, and graphic patterns is one of the keys to quality design be it in a home or an office.



graphic patterns interior design

graphic patterns interior design

Graphic patterns make any room pop

Graphic patters, big or small are here to stay. As far back as ancient Greece, graphic patterning can be found in art, textiles, and on walls. Were the Greeks natural born interior designers or did they just understand the impact a graphic pattern could add to the room?

Think about it – have you ever heard of the ‘Greek Key‘ pattern? Derived in Greece, this decorative border is still found in every day design. Personally, I love it accented on a pillow as a trim or crown molding in a traditional living room. In my line of work, I use patterns every day, but graphic patterns can really make a room pop!

Using graphic patterns in a space can be seen as an art. When applying these graphics to a space, I take into account the size of the pattern, the color of the pattern, and it’s placement in a room. Fortunately, graphic pattern can been seen and used in endless interior design applications from wallpapers to rugs to pillows and everything in between.

Graphic patterns in themselves can be anything from a chevrons, to trellis, to simplified floral design. A mix between large graphic patterns and small graphic patterns creates a space that is visually appealing. More often than not, you like ‘that’ ad in the latest furniture catalog sitting on your coffee table because it is visually layered, and the key to layering your space is in the use of graphic patterns.

One way to begin adding graphic patterns to any space is to focus on a color. Select your main color and begin building the room.

Examples of graphic patterns


graphic patterns

graphic patterns

graphic pattern miami

graphic pattern bathroom

Secret to quickly adding graphic patterns

Mixing and matching pillows on your sofa is a inexpensive way to add a bold punch to your room. It may seem like an intimidating process but after you see these examples be brave and have fun!



graphic pattern pillows

bold pillows

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10 creative outdoor lighting trends for fall: design trend spotting

Making the outdoors appealing as the temperatures drop is tricky, but with these 10 creative lighting ideas, you won’t be sitting in the cold in the dark!





Bundle up, it’s getting cold out there!

There’s something about soft outdoor lighting in the fall that makes you want to bundle up with a blanket and watch the colors turn. Now that it’s actually less than 100 degrees here in Texas – and normal temperatures everywhere else – the outdoors are actually tolerable, and homeowners are looking to spend some time outside. Other regions are already experiencing snow, but spending time outdoors is still appealing to so many Americans.

If you’re considering adding a seating area to your yard, you’re going to need a way to light it. Take a look at the following outdoor lighting options, ranging from the romantic flicker of a flame in a fire pit, to ingenious walkway lighting illuminating the path to your doorstep. Then, grab a glass of wine, go outside and get cozy. Click any image below to learn more.

Contemporary garden lighting

Architectural complement

outdoor fire display

DIY: upside down terracotta pot

do it yourself outdoor lighting cheap

Year-round fire pit

outdoor fire pit

Outdoor Japanese lamp

japanese lamp outdoor lighting

Beautiful porch lighting

outdoor lighting

Creative use of rope lights

outdoor lighting

Stairway lighting for front or back yards

outdoor lighting

Ventless outdoor fire bowl

outdoor fire bowl

Pure soft light

outdoor lighting

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